What is the EasyPress Mini?
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What is the EasyPress Mini?

Hobby crafters and professional crafters have a single difference – Perfection. Such perfect projects get more likes and followers on Instagram and Pinterest posts. To achieve perfection in the craft projects like placing a sticker, or embroidery designs in the form of stabilizer or designed felt pieces in hairbands, Iron-on Vinyl, and fabrics require a tool.


 The tool can vary in sizes, but crafters in-home prefer mini tool. The Mini tool consumes less energy compared to the bigger ones and comes in handy while handling little designs with minimal heat. Today let us turn show-lights on EasyPress Mini of Cricut, analyze in detail about how useful the machine is. People who are looking for this tool get an honest review here. 


What is the EasyPress Mini?


The EasyPress Mini is a little Iron-box like device that enables you to carry small projects made with Iron-On vinyl (HTV) upon the fabrics. 


Small and cute stickers to be pasted on the T-shirt pockets, Baby shoes, curtains, and kerchiefs requires the help of EasyPress Mini to have a clean finish. 


Some projects are pretty much impossible to make because of where you need to place your designs like unstable surfaces, in between the seams, and materials like wool. 



EasyPress Mini Unboxing and Product Description

On opening the EasyPress mini box, you can see that EasyPress Mini device, including a safety base and the Mini press.


When you order a regular size press from Cricut, you get a practice project, but it is missing for the EasyPress mini from Cricut. 


Once you are, done working with EasyPress mini, putting all the materials and storing it in a small place makes it easier to accommodate inside the craft closet. 


Characteristic of Cricut EasyPress Mini


Let’s go through the characteristics of this EasyPress Mini in detail. 


Size and Shape


EasyPress mini is the size of a palm and fingers, which is about 3.25 x 1.92 in, and the bottom of it looks like little iron.  Manipulating is easy employing a handle, like an iron box.

See the picture to get an idea about the size of the EasyPress Mini. Compare it with the weeder next to it. 


Heat Plate

Iron box has a steel heat plate, which sometimes fails to run smoothly over the fabric. But, EasyPress Mini has a Ceramic base that makes it easier to attach the design on the fabric by smoothly running over it. 


Heat Settings

Cricut Press machines do not have a temperature setting, but EasyPress has. The EP Mini has temperature settings as Low, Medium, and high. Whatever the base material is, these temperature settings are good enough. 


 To set up the temperature settings, follow these simple steps.

  • Switch on the device using the On/off button.
  • Press the button once for low heat, twice for medium heat, and thrice for High heat. 
  • Once the temperature is chosen, the light is going to be orange in colour. 
  • Once the device reaches the temperature chosen, it blinks green. 

Once it is green, the device is ready to patch up the fabric with the designs. 


Safety Features

  • When the device is not in use for 13 minutes, it automatically shuts off. 
  • It has a heat-insulating base to rest the device in-between the usage. 


EasyPress Mini Temperature


  • Delicate materials like Foil and Sport flex – Low
  • Regular materials like Iron-on and Glitter – Medium
  •  Infusible Ink, transfer sheets and pens, and markers require an adequate heat to stick on the fabric. – High


Cricut regular machines have a temperature indicator, but the EasyPress mini can show only the temperature range as Low, Medium, and High. 


Projects you Can Make with the EasyPress Mini

With the help of EasyPress Mini, the challenging part for the regular press machines and the iron box can be eliminated. That is, it covers the tiny space between the buttons and seams. 


Following projects works great with the EasyPress Mini

  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Small pockets
  • Everything baby
  • Earrings
  • Headbands
  • Stuffed animals
  • Small bags
  • Paper (small cards)
  • Bows
  • Doll Clothes
  • Pressing seams for sewing projects



Is the EasyPress Mini right for you?

Each project differs, and as per the project, the device requirement varies. 

Personalizing small surfaces like hats, baby shoes, bibs, and doll clothes as EasyPress Mini’s Cliche. Buying a machine for the handy purpose, when you handle multiple works in crafting, becomes inevitable. I know it’s not the cheapest accessory, but can you point out cheap stuff to buy in the Cricut world? LOL.


You can also get a mini iron, I was going to, but I read in some reviews that they can get smoky, and for me, that’s a no-no-no! I sometimes become careless while using things in a happy mood. So, choosing a product that emits heat has to meet a safety feature for a person like me. 


Materials and Considerations when using the EasyPress Mini


Like choosing an appropriate device, following the exact instructions is also necessary for the successful completion of the project. Follow each and all the instructions mentioned without fail. 


On using the EasyPress Mini, the following device also makes it work well:

  • Use Heat Resistant Tape to secure your projects against your surface.
  • Use EasyPress Mat that helps to protect the surface or to press. It is inevitable while working on hats. 
  • If you are afraid of heat like me, use Heat resistance gloves. Even though wearing gloves, avoid touching the hot surface. 


Pros & Cons of the EasyPress Mini

Let’s see some of the good and bad of the EasyPress Mini.


The Pros

  • Easy To Use: It is fun to use the EasyPress Mini. You can play with the fabric and stickers and have fun. It infuses the hand-written words using the marker upon the fabric. 
  • New Possibilities: Regular press and the Iron box is not suitable at all times, some intricate and finicky projects require a little device. 
  • Safety First: Unlike the iron box, it is easy to handle and safe to use. An additional element like a safety base makes it easy to use while working on multiple projects. 
  • Easy to Store: This is a handy tool and so it makes it easier to store it regardless of the size of your craft closet.  
  • Fair Price: Comparing the other products of Cricut, the price for EasyPress Mini seems good enough for this product. Check the price of the products like Blades and Mats, you will feel the device has a reasonable price. 


The Cons


  • Costly: Compared to the other machines of Cricut, EasyPress Mini seems fair, at the same time on comparing with other mini irons in the market, the Cricut EasyPress Mini is costly. 
  • Restricted Use: It is suitable only for small projects. There’s not a way to scale up the size of the projects. The EP Mini is a device designed for handling teeny tiny projects which the other device can’t help. 



The surface is hot, which is just enough for small projects and at the same time, safer than tiny iron boxes. The wires and the plugs are just like a phone charger, so the wires are easy to handle. Use it in a tiny space and store it easily.

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