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What is Cricut?

Are you thinking of taking your passion for arts and craft to the next level but don’t have any idea what to buy? You must have heard of the Cricut machine. It is exceptionally famous for its benefits to artisans. Let’s talk about the best thing that’s about to happen to you; the Cricut machine. 

We will talk about what the Cricut machine is and what it does.  We will also talk about different Cricut machines suitable for other artisans, which should you purchase, and so much more!

What is a Cricut machine?

In simple words, a Cricut machine is a cutting machine that can cut different materials for you, including paper, vinyl, and cardstock. Some Cricut machines also cut leather, fabric, thin wood, and more. 

How does a Cricut machine work?

It is easy! To make it work, all one has to do is connect the Cricut to the computer wirelessly. You can also create or download different designs onto your computer, then send the design to your Cricut for it to cut. Cricut has its software known as the Cricut Design Space, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Smartphones. 

With the software, you can create and cut with the Circut machine those designs that you import from your desktop or laptop. The machine has a tiny, small blade (or called a rotary cutter, pen, scoring tool) inside. As soon as you are finished with your desired design and want to cut it in Design Space software, you will attach the material you want to use onto a 12 inch wide cutting mat. Then you will send your design from the computer to the Cricut machine wirelessly and then load the machine with the material. 

A simple press of a button will enable the cutting mechanism of your project.  

Can Cricut Machine cut fabric, wood, and leather?

Absolutely yes! It can also cut vinyl, paper, and cardstock. Some Cricut machines are capable of cutting wood as well. Keep reading to find out which Cricut machine can cut thicker or more delicate materials. 

Which Cricut Machine should You buy?

Circut Explore 2, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Joy are the three currently available Cricut machines that you can choose from. The Cricut Joy is the latest machine in the Cricut world. You will have to check in with the types of projects you make to buy a specific Cricut machine. All the machines come with free Design Space software. 

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

According to us, for most of the projects, this machine is the best. Being Cricut’s most popular machine, it can cut most of the materials (more than 100), including vinyl, paper, chipboard, and cardstock. You can also use four dedicated tools for cutting, scoring, and writing. 

Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut maker does everything the Explore Air 2 does while also being able to cut more thicker and delicate materials like leather, thin woods, and fabrics. With the help of 12 tools for cutting, scoring, writing, and other pro-level effects, you can cut more than 300 materials. For more complicated projects and to use a broader range of materials, use this machine. 

Cricut Joy Machine

Cricut Joy is the newest Cricut machine with a compact body for easy DIY projects like vinyl signs, cards, and small iron-on designs. It can cut materials only till 5.5 inches wide, but you can purchase material up to 20 feet long. With two tools for cutting and scoring, you can only cut over 50 materials. So, for small and easy projects, purchase this.

Who sells Cricut machines?

Either purchase the Cricut machine directly from its website (here) or buy it from Amazon. Click here to shop Cricut on Amazon. Famous craft retailers like Michaels and JOANN also sell Cricut machines and supplies.

Are Cricut machines hard to use?

With the manufacturer’s manual and thorough online resources for the Cricut machine, you can quickly learn how to use it. Design Space software and Cricut machine are user-friendly, and you don’t need a lot of graphic design experience to use them (though it would be good if you want to make your designs from scratch). The software also offers a library of images and designs (some are free, others you can buy at a low cost) that you can quickly import as a new project. 

Are Cricut machines worth it?

If arts and craft is your passion, a Cricut machine is a good investment- mostly when you use paper or vinyl. Once you get the hang of it, making projects more comfortable and quicker with a professional and crisp look. You can also make money using the Cricut machine by selling personalized T-shirts, mugs, cards, etc., either online or at craft fairs. We have used our Cricut machines a lot and continue to learn more and more each day to create newer and better designs. 

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