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Using Flatten in Cricut Design Space

Cricut flatten refers to using flatten in the Cricut design space. Through this Cricut flatten process it becomes easier for you to convert any cut file into a printable format image. We will be your best guide to help you learn how to use this feature with a few tips and tricks in the belt to make the flatten tool beneficial for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

It is time to study the Flatten tool so you can have the perfect grip on the software. Known as one of the easiest and simplest tools used for layering in the layers panel, its only purpose is to convert pictures from original (standard) format into a print-then-cut format.

It’s important to know the Cricut flatten process and how to do it. Let’s indulge in some knowledge. 

Print then Cut Fundamentals

You have three ways to opt for while creating a print then cut image which makes it a very useful feature of the Cricut. With this feature, you can easily print an image on the home printer. You might think what then? Then your Cricut will cut around the edge of that shape. 

  1. The first way is to upload a JPG or PNG and then the software, itself, will turn it into a Print Then Cut image. 
  2. If you are thinking of cutting only one layer then this is the best method. You just have to open the layer panel for the image and simply change it to print type instead of a cut type. 
  3. Or, you can use Cricut Flatten.

Creating A Print Then Cut Image from Flatten

The tool flattens two or more normal cut shapes into one printable image. People usually prefer Cricut flatten method over the others for its ease of use in converting multiple shapes into one printable image. 

Let’s put it into simple words with an example. You want to make a gift tag with the words “Happiness is homemade”. Either you could cut the text out or spend a lot of time trying to align all the letters in the oval.

Or better yet, you can just flatten and print the tag with the print and cut feature. 

To flatten the tag, align the tag over the oval and select both. After that click on the Flatten option present in the menu on the lower right of the sidebar. To flatten the tag, align the tag over the oval and select both. You will notice that the outlines around the text and oval image disappear. In the layers panel, there will be a heading of “Flatten” under which you’ll see a printable image option. This will make the image hold its size and position while you Print then Cut. 

Hit that makes it button and your normal cutting screen will change into a Print then Cut screen. The software will enable the printing mechanism attached to your home printer. The image will have a black border on the edges as a registration line. When you choose to cut it, the Cricut flatten design will use that line to cut the edges around the oval properly. 

We hope this tutorial has served its purpose and you have learned much from Flatten.

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