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Ultimate Cricut Guide: 2021 Edition

A Cricut (pronounced like “cricket”) machine is one of the best investments you can make for your crafting hobby, side hustle, or full-time job. It enables you to cut and create intricate designs with unique materials that will have everyone in awe of the finished product.

Several Cricut models are available to let you emboss, draw, create greetings cards, fold lines, make three-dimensional items, and much more.

This ultimate Cricut guide takes you through the ownership processes to see if this equipment is the right choice for you.

You’ll learn more about the potential projects you can create and how easy it is to use a Cricut.

If you love crafting, bookmark this resource today so that you can enjoy creating something new with your Cricut tomorrow!

Should I Invest in a Cricut Machine?

Although a Cricut is one of the more expensive crafting machines available today, it is also one of the most versatile and useful items you’ll have in your toolbox.

The Cricut Joy Machine is the most affordable one out of the product line, typically retailing for less than $200. It is smaller than the typical equipment, but it can draw and cut vinyl and iron-on materials without a mat’s added expense. 

You can also invest in a premium model with the Cricut Maker™ in various colors for under $350 at most retailers and online shops.

Many crafters find that the value of a Cricut Explore Air™ 2 in their preferred color is a suitable compromise. For about $250, you can get a model in candy apple red, matte black, mint, boysenberry, and more that produces the items needed for your next project.

Cricut offers several accessories that go along with your preferred machine, including the EasyPress, tote bags, and the Brightpad™.

You can also find some of the older models available for sale at times. Those are the Cricut Explore One and the Explore Air. The former option only offered a single tool holder, while the latter doubled that capacity while providing Bluetooth capabilities.

There’s also the Cricut Cuttlebug to consider.

If you choose the Explore Air 2, the equipment cuts ten times the strength as the original model. That’s why you can score, deboss, and more now, when it wasn’t always possible with past models.

If you do any papercrafts, a Cricut will save you tons of time while potentially increasing your items’ presentation value. It is an excellent investment for sign makers, scrapbookers, card makers, collage producers, and anyone who loves to make things with their hands.

Are There Cricut Alternatives to Consider?

Although the Cricut machine is one of the best tools for paper and vinyl cutting you’ll find today, three alternatives could be more suitable to your specific crafting needs.

  • The Silhouette Cameo 4 provides similar features to a Cricut while costing less at most retailers. It offers several cutting features that make it suitable for advanced designers to use while still being fun for beginners or experimentation.
  • The Sizzix Big Shot is a portable roller and die-cutting tool that lets you create designs by incorporating metal dies between the equipment’s pads. This option works well if you want portability, especially since it doesn’t require a computer, mobile device, or software to operate.
    The Brother ScanNCut SDX 125 uses an onboard scanner to operate as a standalone machine, letting you design a project from scratch using its intuitive interface without a computer. The touchscreen enables you to create and cut, and it works exceptionally well for textiles and fabrics.


These three alternatives provide a different approach to crafting. It is not unreasonable to consider having all of them, plus your preferred Cricut model, because of the variable tasks each can complete.

When you want one versatile addition for your crafting toolbox, the CAD mechanisms, community forums, and overall manufacturing quality of the Cricut make it stand out above the competition.

It provides the most flexibility while coming with a wide range of accessories, tools, and supplies to use for your crafting needs.

Why Choose a New Cricut Over a Previous Model?

The Cricut Cuddlebug and the older machines from this manufacturer can be a fun way to experiment with this technology.

There’s only one problem: Cricut took down the Craft Room, the online resource that lets users maximize their design ideas.

When you purchase a new Cricut, the equipment works with the new Design Space. You’ll find new patterns, ideas, and conversations from the community forums that help you explore everything that your investment can provide for your crafting.

It’s similar to the idea of buying an older model iPhone or the latest release. Although the older phones still work, you won’t have the latest features and functionality to use as you take care of your daily chores.


29 FAQ About Cricut Ownership

You may have lots of questions about what a Cricut can or cannot do to support your crafting needs.

These FAQs provide many of the answers that everyone needs to decide if this investment is the best option for their needs today.

Please refer to this complete guide while exploring each question and answer to ensure your concerns about Cricut ownership are effectively met!


1. Does a Cricut machine provide printing services?

Except for the Cuttlebug, every Cricut can draw or outline graphic components such as shapes and letters. It will not operate as a traditional printer. That means you don’t need to provide the equipment with ink.

If you want to take advantage of the drawing options available with your Cricut, you must use the brand’s proprietary pens to create your crafts. They come with several colors from which to choose to help you make the perfect final product.


2. Can I laminate items with a Cricut?

The current line of Cricut machines does not offer any laminating services. The closest option is the EasyPress, which comes in four size options: mini, 6×7-inch, 9×9-inch, and 12×12-inch. This machine lets you create t-shirts and other products when using the brand’s Infusible Ink™ or iron-on items.

If you want to experiment with these materials, the Cricut EasyPress Mini™ essentials bundle is an excellent choice. You’ll get all of the tools needed to create incredible projects for a price comparable to the EasyPress 2 9×9-inch model.


3. Will my Cricut machine provide embossing?

Although embossing isn’t an official function of almost all of the Cricut models, several crafters have invented workarounds that can help you complete projects with this requirement.

Cricut has also created several adaptive tools that work with the newest equipment line that can help you do some embossing.

If you have the Cricut Cuttlebug, you can perform more traditional embossing techniques without using adaptive procedures to finish your project.

The debossing feature, which is the opposite of embossing, is useful for some projects. A specific tip for this need is available with most models today.


4. Can I sew or do fabric projects with my Cricut machine?

Cricut machines don’t come with the option to sew items. It is more of a cutting machine with drawing capabilities to help you create something new. 

You would need to purchase a sewing machine to take care of that need.

A Cricut can cut fabric and textiles into specific shapes. If your crafting work requires this service, you’ll find that the work is smooth and consistent across multiple copies.

You can cut these items without any bonded materials with some models. The Explore series from Cricut does require a backing.

If you attempt to cut fabric or textiles without bonding on those machines, the materials can stretch, tear, or get ruined.


5. What is the Adaptive Tool System?

This feature is the core component of what a Cricut machine provides for crafting. It controls the cutting blade’s direction and pressure throughout the processing work to create consistent results from the patterns you select.

It automatically senses the material type used for your project to adjust the cutting pressure accordingly.

You’ll find it available on the latest models released from Cricut, providing another reason to invest or upgrade this year.


6. Can my Cricut cut through wood or similar organic materials?

One of the hottest crafting projects in 2021 involves woodworking. Although the regular blade that comes with the current Cricut models doesn’t allow you to cut through wood or similar organic crafting option, the “Knife Blade” provides this feature.

The Knife Blade is one of the best add-ons you can purchase for your crafting work today. It can cut through 4-ply matboard, stiff tooling calf leather, 3mm crafting foam, 1/16-inch basswood, and 3-32-inch balsawood.

You cannot use the Cricut Knife Blade to cut through softwoods, hardwoods, thicker materials than indicated above, or most engineered wood products.

The blade does cut through a 2 mm Cricut chipboard with a maximum cut size of 10.5 x 10.5 inches. Its minimum cutting size for this material is 0.75 x 0.75 inches. If you trim patterns or images smaller than this setting, blade damage might result.

Using the StrongGrip mat is your best option for cutting through wood, chipboard, or leather.


7. What are the Cricut cartridges?

The “cartridge” term often makes people think that a Cricut can print. This feature is the fonts, graphics, and images that you can purchase and keep with the ongoing licensing that comes from the investment.

Most cartridges center around specific themes, including licensed images, that let you tackle projects for parties, invitations, artwork, and more.

If you plan to invest in a Cricut for a business, please remember to review the cartridges’ commercial licensing terms and conditions.

You can select from physical cartridges or digital ones, with the former inserted directly into your machine. The latter are made available for sale through Design Space or Cricut’s primary website.

Cricut doesn’t sell the physical cartridges anymore, although some are made available through aftermarket sales. Once activated, you have the software with your machine and no longer require the item.

8. What is Cricut Infusible Ink?

Infusible Ink is a Cricut product and technology that enables graphic transfers to base materials. It’s like having a miniature screen printing service you can use from the convenience of home. Instead of applying a topical material to t-shirts, wood, or other items, you infuse the color and design into it instead.

Have you ever noticed how iron-on transfers can start peeling or flaking away as time passes? You won’t experience that problem with this product! It stays with the base material forever, offering a seamless and smooth final result that you’ll love showing off to everyone.

You’ll need a Cricut Explore or a Cricut Maker to use Infusible Ink. The LightGrip machine mat works well for your designs. You’ll also want an EasyPress model, the accompanying mat, and blank materials to use for your system.

Laser copy paper works better for the design creation, and you’ll want white 80-pound cardstock. Scissors, a lint roller, and access to Design Space are necessary.

Cricut has the entire step-by-step procedure outlined here to help you take advantage of everything that Invisible Ink can do for your projects.


9. What Cricut mats do I need for my projects?

The first issue that causes anxiety for most new Cricut owners is determining the mat type to use for each project. You need the mats to cut specific materials for your crafts. Two different size options are currently available: 12×12 and 12×24.

These mats have a sticky surface to them to ensure the materials are cut appropriately after sending the information to the Cricut. This stickiness “factor” is known as “grip” when determining what type to use.

Four different grip options are currently available from Cricut to use in the various machines for each series.

  • LightGrip Mats (Blue)
  • StandardGrip Mats (Green)
  • StrongGrip Mats (Purple)
  • FabricGrip Mats (Pink)


Although you could theoretically use any of the grips for a potential project, the tensile material strength is a qualifying factor in choosing the ones you should use.

Heavier materials typically need the StrongGrip mats, while delicate paper cuts might work better with the LightGrip design.

Anything related to textiles and fabrics should use the FabricGrip option.

If you opt for the Cricut Joy series for your crafting needs, you have three mat options available for your equipment. You have the LightGrip and StandardGrip mats to use with the same color coordination. 

The tricky part is the CardMat, which is the same hue as the LightGrip mats. It works best for your cutout cards, although the cardstock doesn’t work so great with the LightGrip option.

Look to the top right of the mat to see what option you have.

The Cricut Joy mats are a lot smaller than the other machines’ standard options so that you won’t get the two confused.

You can purchase the mats separately or in bundles from your preferred retailer, Amazon, or directly from Cricut.

Older mats with a black background are still available for sale at some retailers. These will also work in some Cricut machines today. 


10. How can I determine what Cricut blade to use for my project?

The Cricut blades are what make the magic happen when you send designs through your machine. Understanding the correct one to use for each project ensures that clean results happen without creating a damage risk to your investment.

Cricut currently makes seven blade types and three crafting tools that work with the Circuit Explore and Maker series. Each one has specific strengths to consider before using it with your machine. 

  • The Fine Point Blade works quite well for light- to medium-density materials. You would want to use it for standard cardstock, vinyl, and paper only.
  • You can get the Deep Point Blade for thicker materials. It’s the best option for Cricut chipboard, foam sheets, and thick cardstock.
  • The Bonded Fabric Blade is an option for cutting fabric and textiles. Don’t forget to have backing materials bonded to the back to create clean cuts!
  • The Knife Blade is a Cricut Maker series product. It cuts through thick materials, such as basswood and leather, without creating fraying or splintering.
  • The Rotary Blade provides infinite customization to your projects. It uses a rolling, gliding action to cut through almost any fabric accurately without the need for backing materials. 
  • Using the Quick-Swap Perforation Blade lets you create a tear finish with your projects, offering even more design alternatives to consider. It’s only available for the Cricut Maker series.
  • The Quick Swap Wavy Blade offers a wave-like effect on your final cuts when equipped with a Cricut Maker
  • The Quick Swap Debossing Tip pushes materials inward to create intricate designs. It’s one of the best ways to use a Cricut when you want elaborate details included in the final project. It is a Cricut Maker exclusive.
  • Use the Quick Swap Engraving Tip for engraving projects on numerous materials with the Cricut Maker.
  • The Quick Swap Scoring Wheel offers crisp folds, straight edges, and beautiful intricacy when attached to the Cricut Maker. 


As you can see, most of the newest features and technologies from Cricut are only available with the Maker series. If you want to maximize your crafting convenience, that investment is the best one to consider.

You’ll still get plenty of cutting versatility if you decide to use one of the other Cricut options available today instead.


11. What blades do I get with my new Cricut?

The best way to get started on your Cricut journey is to purchase a bundle. You’ll get the equipment you want, plenty of blades, the mats, and a few other supplies to help begin the experimentation process.

If you don’t want to invest in the entire bundle, Cricut allows you to purchase the specific equipment options you want.

When you buy the Cricut Maker without a bundle, you’ll receive a Fine Point Blade and a Rotary Blade in the box.

The Joy and Explore Air 2 series come with the fine point blade only.

These blades don’t last forever. Each cut takes you one step closer to replacement. There isn’t a specific time or amount of use that triggers the need to buy a new one.

When you see less sharpness to each cut with your project, that is the time when you should consider purchasing a replacement.


12. What accessories does Cricut offer?

Cricut provides numerous accessories that you can use to customize your crafting projects. Although all of them are necessary at some level for the different uses of the machine, these specific tools are the first ones to consider getting.

  • The Weeding Tool and Scraper are 100% necessary for vinyl cuts with your Cricut. These tools remove the little pieces from your mat that don’t transfer to your project. You won’t believe how much time you save getting the small paper leftovers off of the mat with these items.
  • The Scoring Stylus and Scoring Tool from Cricut lets you experiment with various paper crafting ideas.
  • StandardGrip Transfer Tape helps you put your vinyl design to a project surface. If you have glitter vinyl, the StrongGrip Transfer Tape is the better choice to use. Although you could theoretically use an off-brand to get results, the Cricut products’ consistency is worth a little extra.
  • The Basic Tool Kit from Cricut is a reasonable investment to consider when you’re first getting started. You’ll receive a scraper, spatula, weeder, scissors, and tweezers.
  • The Essential Tool Kit includes a scoring stylus, trimmer with a replacement blade, and a scoring blade for the trimmer – plus everything that comes in the Basic Too Kit.


Most bundled products come with the Basic Tool Kit to help you get started on your Cricut journey.

One of the best accessories that you can have at home for your Cricut is an aluminum foil ball. Take a foil sheet, crumple it up, and use the metal to keep the Fine Point Blade sharp and clean between uses. It will reduce the replacements you need to purchase throughout the year. 

Cricut also makes a scoring and cutting tool similar to this one from Fiskars for paper and some thin fabrics.

Since each project may require different tools to use, it helps to pick and choose items based on what you hope to accomplish every time. Many Cricut users buy the accessories they need when they require the tool for the first time.


13. Is a bundle a better value than the Cricut machine only?

As with any crafting adventure, the equipment needed for your projects is the first step on a long journey. You need several other supplies to produce fantastic items, ranging from management tools to things like vinyl or paper.

The bundles tend to be a better value because you’ll get a lower per-item cost with your order. If you’re thinking about a Cricut machine for the first time, this buying approach brings you the tools and equipment needed to get started. Some packages may include the mats, paper, and vinyl to get you going.

When you search for bundles online or in stores, it is essential to look at the individual items in the product. It only makes sense to invest this much if you get everything you need right away.

If you plan to cut paper and vinyl only, a fantastic bundle would include your preferred Cricut machine, the StandardGrip mat, some vinyl sheets, and the Basic Tool Kit.

Should your goal be to tackle some fabric projects, an Essential Tool Kit bundle with similar materials is a better choice.


14. What do I need to get first for my Cricut?

It is rare to get perfect projects from your Cricut on the first try. Although that outcome may be disappointing for some crafters, it is also part of the fun that comes when using this equipment!

When you first start learning how to use a Cricut, grab some affordable materials that can help you understand the processes necessary to create successful results. Practicing with paper is much easier than starting with wood or fabric immediately.

It is a learning curve. Everyone follows a similar path when they first start using a Cricut. Try to be patient with the process and have fun with it. With your continued practice, things will get more comfortable right away.

Some crafters find it helpful to watch Cricut learning videos to get to know their equipment and how to use Design Space

You can also find a complete list of the materials that Cricut equipment can cut through this link.


15. What are the advantages of getting the EasyPress?

The Cricut EasyPress is a fun device that lets you transfer designs to t-shirts, tote bags, quilts, and virtually any materials.

You can choose from three different sizes to meet your specific crafting needs.

If you plan to work with adult t-shirts, the 9×9-inch standard size is the best choice. It’ll transfer your designs efficiently while providing excellent coverage over the entire project.

When you have blankets, quilts, or big and tall items to use with your designs, the larger 10×12-inch model is a better investment.

Smaller items work well with the miniature version, which is 6×7 inches.

You can also get the Mini, which works well to press designs onto hats, pockets, and similarly small items.

The advantage of getting the EasyPress is that you have more product versatility. If you like to create your own things or want to make a side business from this equipment, the cost is worth the investment. 

It’ll only take a few items to sell for the EasyPress to pay for itself.

If you don’t like to use iron-on products and creating graphics for t-shirts isn’t in your crafting range, it may be better to invest in more Cricut supplies or tools that you will use.


16. How hard is it to start learning how to use a Cricut?

If you are unfamiliar with graphic design or CAD software, the design tools and features with a Cricut can feel overwhelming at first.

It only takes a little practice to become familiar with what your machine can do for your projects. Plenty of online tutorials are available within the Cricut community, including some from the brand itself.

Suppose something feels too difficult to accomplish. Step back from it for a moment. Take a deep breath, and dive right back in when you’re ready!

It is not unusual for people to need 1-2 months to get to know the full capabilities of their Cricut. You can still create some amazing things during that time!When you persevere through these initial first steps, you’ll be one step closer to that business you want or the crafts you love to have at home.


17. How much technical skill is necessary to operate a Cricut machine?

Although you need some tech experience to get going with your Cricut initially, you don’t need a graduate degree in Information Technology to figure everything out with this investment.

You’ll need to know how a computer works to maximize the use of your Cricut. If you can turn on the equipment, log into websites, or open a browser page, you’re well on your way to creating that first project!

You can work some Cricut machines through a smartphone companion app. You’d need to know how to use the mobile device and the software for a successful experience with this option.

The biggest challenge is often the design software. Although the interface is intuitive and straightforward, the number of commands available is significant. That versatility provides high customization levels at the expense of a steeper learning curve.

It can feel frustrating at first when you’re unsure of how each command works. By spending more time with your Cricut, you’ll find it gets a little more comfortable with each effort.


18. What computer or operating system do I need to use for my Cricut machine?

Design Space works with macOS and Windows operating systems. You must have an Internet connection to access this information. Desktops, laptops, or tablet PCs all work well with the software to help you start maximizing your use of a Cricut.

If you plan to use the Cricut companion app for your crafting work, it is currently supported by Apple’s iOS only. That means you’ll need an iPhone or iPad to facilitate your work, and it costs $9.99 for Cricut access.  

Cricut has an Android app that offers some mobile functionality. It doesn’t come with all of the functions and features you’d get with the desktop version. You cannot use Knife Blade projects with this approach.

Your machine must also come with Bluetooth for it to work, which means it isn’t a solution for those with older models.


19. Is Bluetooth better than a wired connection for my Cricut?

The Joy, Maker, and Explore Air 2 series all come with Bluetooth technology to facilitate a wireless user experience. This feature enables some mobile users to work on projects that they can eventually produce with their Cricut.

Bluetooth is open to interference issues. If someone heats up food in the microwave at home, your signal may experience interruption. You must also keep both devices within proximity of each other for them to work, which is similar to how a wired connection functions.

This feature is more about personal convenience. Some people prefer Bluetooth, while others want the transfer speeds of a wired connection. 

There isn’t a right or wrong answer!

Your Cricut Explore Air and Explore Air 2 both come equipped with Bluetooth to let you consider this feature. Older models don’t have it built into the equipment.

If you have the Explore One or the Explore, you must have a Cricut Wireless Bluetooth Adapter to take advantage of this feature. 


20. Do I need an Internet connection to use my Cricut?

Although you need an Internet connection to access Design Space for your Cricut, it is not necessary to be online to start the creation process.

You will need a connection to complete the setup process for your new Cricut. Installing Design Space requires you to be online. After you download fonts and images, you can use them offline at your convenience.

If you have the iOS companion app, creating and cutting projects offline is possible. You just can’t download fonts or images for future use with this method.


21. Can I use different graphic design software options with my Cricut?

You cannot directly link your Cricut to a program like Photoshop to create new designs for your upcoming projects.

If you need basic shapes or text, Cricut’s Design Space has enough essentials for you to create what is necessary for your project.

You can also transfer designs from different programs into Design Space by copying the various shapes. This tutorial takes you through the process of making SVG files to accomplish this outcome.


22. What Is Cricut Design Space?

Cricut’s Design Space is the machine’s software you’ll use for creating projects. It lets you organize and cut the items efficiently without needing a complete CAD interface to make something.

You must have Design Space to work with your Cricut. It’s the first step toward understanding everything that your machine can accomplish.

Here’s the good news: it doesn’t cost anything to access Design Space! Once you have your Cricut, you can upload designs for cutting. It will access system shapes and fonts to help you make those first designs that get you hooked on this crafting equipment.

Since Design Space works in the cloud, you can design something at one computer, move to another one to finish it, and cut from a third device. You have access to each project and image from any compatible device or computer.

If you decide to purchase images instead of creating original ones, each item remains in the Image Library without an expiration date.

You must have macOS or Windows to take advantage of what Design Space offers. It is not currently compatible with Chromebooks that presently operate on the Chrome O/S.


23. What Is Cricut Access?

Cricut Access is a little different than Design Space. It’s a paid subscription that lets you choose already created projects to use with your machine.

Depending on the plan you get, Cricut Access offers three-dimensional projects, graphics, fonts, and virtually anything you can imagine. There are ideas for almost every occasion with several material choices available.

Once you get familiar with using your Cricut’s design capabilities, tinkering with some of these projects can be lots of fun! It’s a fast way to personalize ideas without needing to complete an entire course on graphic design.

The standard membership cost is $9.99 monthly if you don’t select an annual plan. You can reduce the expense by $24 by paying for a yearly license.If you’re a premium subscriber, you receive free economy-level shipping on any orders above $50 from Cricut.

Please note that Cricut reserves the right to change prices at any time.


24. Does my Cricut come with a carrying bag?

Most Cricut machines do not come with a carrying bag for portability and storage. Some bundles may include this product with the various tools and supplies you receive.

When you purchase a Cricut, it comes in a well-supported box that works well for immediate storage needs at home. Totes are optional, so it is up to you to determine the options you prefer with this additional investment.

Cricut sells several totes and storage bags that let you protect your investment. These options may or may not include enough space for your tools, depending on your preferred model and size.

You can even find rolling carts available for the ultimate level of storage, portability, and convenience. Colors depend on availability.

Cricut even provides a machine tool organizer that can help you keep everything you need for your project in one spot.


25. How often do I need to replace my Cricut mats?

The sticky Cricut mats are not designed for infinite use. Most crafters get between 25 to 40 rounds with them before they require replacement.

You can extend the life of this essential accessory by periodically cleaning it. When the mat gets excessively filthy, restoration can still occur with a deep-clean effort.

Once your cleaning processes don’t restore the stickiness, you can still use the mat by removing the original supportive layer. Rubbing alcohol works well for this process, using the scraper from your tool kit to get that surface off.

Tape the mat’s edges when the sticky layer is gone. The machine needs this part to be free of anything that could interfere with it rolling through during the cutting process. You’ll need to protect all of the colored areas outside of the grid pattern.

Purchase a repositionable adhesive. Some come in aerosol cans that let you spray the material onto your Cricut mat. You may need to brush it on manually.


26. Can I disable the grid within the Design Space tools?

Design space provides an option to toggle the grid lines on or off, based on your personal preferences. You’ll start this process by going to the Account menu from your Mac or Windows computer. Underneath the Settings option, you’ll see the choices for canvas grids.

Select your preference from the available options. You can also set keyboard shortcuts from this area to help you toggle the grid with a couple of keystrokes instead of repetitively replicating the menu options.

If you access Design Space from a mobile device, this option is available under the Settings tab at the bottom of your screen. Some users may need to swipe left to see the selection become available. 


27. What is SnapMat?

SnapMat is a Cricut feature that helps users visualize text and image placement by capturing a photograph of the materials on the current cutting mat.

You can see its layout as a virtual mat preview with this feature. It even allows you to reposition text or images over the photograph to review the ideal placement.

When you start using SnapMat, you can cut around specific locations, stamped pages, or patterned materials. It lets you add specific options for greeting cards, gift tags, and envelopes.

It’s also one of the best ways to take advantage of your scrap materials that may be oddly shaped.

You cannot save the photographs as part of the project, which means this feature is most effective when it gets used right before you’re ready to start cutting. Although it works with all of the current mats, the older ones may not produce the best results because the black border sometimes interferes with the capturing mechanism. 

This feature is only available with the iOS companion app.


28. Why isn’t Design Space working for me?

The most common reason why Design Space doesn’t work as expected is that your Mac or Windows computer is not compatible with its requirements.

  • It requires Windows 8 or later, or macOS 10.13 or later.
  • A dual-core or AMD equivalent processor is necessary for Windows computers, while macOS requires a 1.83 GHz CPU.
  • Your computer must have 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free disk space available.
  • The display resolution minimum is 1024px x 768px.

Broadband connections of at least 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload is recommended for Design Space to operate.

Although you can use your Cricut offline, the initial setup requires an Internet or data connection. 

If you prefer to use Design Space from a mobile device, you’ll need to have some minimum hardware requirements to meet.

The iOS version works on iPhone 5s models or later. It also requires iOS 12 to operate. If you’re using an iPad for this app, you’ll need an iPad mini 2, an iPad Air, or a first-generation iPad Pro to work with your Cricut.

Sixth-generation iPod Touch users can still access Design Space with their features. The same speed requirements for desktops or laptops apply to mobile devices.

If you don’t have an Apple device, Design Space also works with Android 6.0 or later. Anything running the Chrome operating system is not currently supported. Since the processor speed, chipset, and manufacturers are highly variable with these tablets and phones, the app’s performance can be highly variable.

When you’ve met those requirements and Design Space still doesn’t work, it may be a browser issue.

Design Space only works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. That means it is not compatible with Internet Explorer.


29. What is a kiss cut with a Cricut machine?

Kiss cuts are a reference to a cutting process that goes through the material without impacting the liner below. This option works well for iron-on, vinyl, and similar options that have an adhesive backing.

It would not be a practical solution for Cricut Window Cling materials. This option has a non-adhesive backing that instantly adheres to virtually any non-porous surface. When you’re finished displaying your work, you can take it down to keep reusing it.

If you create items with the premium outdoor vinyl using the kiss cut method (or any other crafting process), the materials have a two-year rating. 


Are You Ready to Start Creating with Your Cricut?

It can take a lot of time to read an ultimate guide to further your knowledge about a preferred subject. Getting to know your Cricut is a similar process!

When you stay dedicated to the learning curve it takes to start creating with any Cricut model, the rewards will come soon.

Whether you turn this investment into a business, or you decide to make things for yourself, this technology is one of the best advancements for crafters in a long time. Although it comes with a premium price, the results you achieve are reflective of this investment.

A Cricut may not be the best choice for everyone, but owning one could be the right decision for you. Explore all of these points during your shopping process to find the right model for your needs today.

There’s no better way to start creating!

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