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Is Cricut Worth the Price

There are many kinds of tools in the crafts world that have made our lives much more comfortable and allow us to finish our jobs much faster. However, a tool called Cricut is very famous right now, and it can process any paper you want.

Do you want to start making crafts? I bet you have heard a lot about Cricut machines, but you look at the prices, and you don’t know if they are worth the price. We know your money is worth it, and we want you to always invest it in the tools you are going to love. That is why we will talk about Cricut machines and give you some reasons to have one or not to buy one.

Before starting: What are Cricut machines for?

Before discussing whether a Cricut machine is worth buying, we must know that we are on the same page and are talking about the same machine.

Cricut is the brand’s name that offers different machines, from thermal plates, stamping machines, and die cutters machines. In other words, the Cricut machine is “a homemade die cut machine” that is used for many kinds of paper and similar materials. But be careful, because there are also different accessories of this brand that will allow you to draw, write, and mark other materials with markers or pens.

Reasons to buy a Cricut

Are we already on the same page? Perfect!

Cricut has a variety of machines such as the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, Cricut Joy, or the Cricut EasyPress. Buying one of these machines could be expensive, and you should know how many times you will use it because it is not worth making a considerable expense if you will use it sporadically.

Without further introduction, we’ll introduce you to the reasons why a Cricut is worth the price from our perspective and needs. However, you may have many more reasons to buy it.

You won’t waste any more time

Most crafts involve cutting out, drawing, marking, and creasing. If you’re tired of trimming your craft supplies, Cricut does it for you much faster, with better quality, and you can forget about those annoying scissors that cramp your hands.

It’s amazing how many shapes, folds, shapes, and drawings a Cricut Maker can make in no time. Just imagine having to make 300 heart shapes in less than an hour. Impossible right? It is not a challenge for the Cricut Maker to do that.

However, you can also draw and write with this Cricut machine. In other words, it is the best tool to get out of trouble and make beautiful things.

Easy to start and use

It can be a bit intimidating to use a machine with unfamiliar software that you must learn to use to operate any Cricut machine, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. The software to use these tools is the Cricut Design Space. Using it can be a problem at first if someone doesn’t explain it, but luckily for many people, there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use it, configure it and give it a correct use.

Did you fail the first few attempts? Don’t despair and keep practicing, write down the important things, look for lots of videos, check forums, and don’t let a simple software stop you from using an incredible machine like the Cricut.

It is the tool that has revolutionized the market and the world of crafts. Thanks to Cricut, we have been able to save a lot of money, time, and stress of not delivering the works on time or not having the professional quality. We believe that all craft lovers should give this machine a try, from elementary school teachers, gift-giving mothers, and art enthusiasts.

It is perfect for doing many tasks with one machine

Did you think that Cricut Maker was only for die-cutting? Well, we invite you to investigate a little bit more. One thing that has surprised us the most about various Cricut machines is the ability to do different tasks, the quality and speed with which they are done. We have made wedding invitations, different shapes, folds, decorations for rooms, decorations for children’s parties, confetti, T-shirts with excellent designs, cut out anything similar to paper, paper flowers … We could continue for three days in a row.

Do you have many pending projects? We recommend searching the internet for projects that you can do on Cricut machines and then analyzing if it is worth making this purchase (Cricut products will always be worth purchasing).

Reasons not to buy a Cricut

Yes, everything can be perfect and fast using a Cricut, but not everyone needs to make this investment. In these cases, we recommend not acquiring one of these tools if you will not use it properly or will not use it frequently. It is useless to have an expensive machine in the closet to operate three times a year.

Need more reasons not to get a Cricut? Here are some:

Your budget is not enough

NEVER buy something you can’t afford. If you live with a slightly tight budget and the numbers are not in your favor, do not despair because you will have the opportunity to acquire it one day. However, you can buy it if you are sure that your income can improve by purchasing this tool. Be smart, and don’t think with your pocket.

You just want to have the best technology for crafts

Just because useful tools exist doesn’t mean you should buy them just because they’re the best. Yes, Cricut is an excellent brand for people who will get the most out of their machines, but it’s not worth spending more than 300 $ to have the best tools to never use them.

We recommend that you always be honest with yourself. But if you are still convinced to acquire one despite not using it… Everything will be on your side.

You love doing your work with your own hands

Many people love to build things with their hands, and it is a feeling that few will understand. We understand how good it feels to make art with a lot of effort, but we also think about the convenience a Cricut can provide and all the time that you can save.

You don’t like creating things

It may be a bit of a no-brainer, but if you don’t like creating your decorations and details, there’s no point in buying a Cricut machine. On the other hand, if you hate making your cards, shapes, or designs, it’s much more profitable for you to buy them on Etsy.

Cricut designed their machines to make the creation process much more manageable, meaning you don’t have to master the arts to make good designs. But if you don’t like creating anything, why would you want a Cricut?

Is Cricut worth the price? The short answer is, “Yes, it’s worth it,” but the long answer would be, “Yes, it’s worth it in case you need it and will use it frequently.” As we said before, this brand offers very useful but a bit expensive machines, which are designed for gift decorators and craft lovers.

Our final tip is “Analyze the situation, prioritize, and then think about whether a Cricut is worth buying.” However, one of these machines will always be worth having.

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