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How to Upload Fonts to Cricut Design Space

Are you tired of using the built-in fonts in your Cricut crafts and projects? Do you want to truly customize your Cricut crafts and projects with your desirable fonts? In this article learn how to upload fonts to Cricut Design Space. With this tutorial, you will easily learn it and have enough flexibility while creating your Cricut designs. 

People love fonts mostly because it is easy to simply grab a font and put it in any of your projects without any hassle of creating your font by hand. Fonts make life and designing easier. Script fonts, block fonts, quirky fonts, and much more- all of them are great to use. 

Today you will learn to upload fonts to Cricut design space and how to use them. Let us divulge in the practical steps now. 

How To Upload Fonts To Cricut Design Space and Use Them

We know you feel excited about wanting to use your fonts in the Cricut Design Space, but first, you have to install them on your computer. If the fonts are already downloaded then skip this step and get to the next one. 

Whatever font or fonts you buy, they will be present in the newly unzipped folder. Most times the fonts come in two versions either ending with .ttf or .otf. .Ttf refers to a TrueType Font, while .otf is an OpenType Font. The .otf type font is sturdier and more robust, and you should choose this if it is available. Otherwise, going with .ttf type is fine too.

The first we will study here is to install the fonts on both Mac and PC, and then the way to open them in your Design Space. 

Step 1a: Installing The Font On the Mac Machine

Mostly the font your download comes in a zip folder. So, click on that zip folder to unzip the files inside. 

Select the three font files and click ctrl+click to open a menu bar. Then click on Open With > Font Book. 

Another box will pop up on the screen from which you will install your fonts. If you download a bundle of fonts, you will see lots of pop-ups on the screen dedicated to each font. Click on the Install Font option and the machine will do the rest. 

The installed font will appear in your Font Book. Now you can use the fonts in the Cricut Design Space. 

Step 1b: Installing The Fonts On The PC

To install the font on the PC, click on the downloaded zip folder. It will open the window containing all the files inside the zipped folder. You will have to unzip them. 

Select all the font files and click on the Extract All option present at the top. From there you will have to choose a destination folder to save the fonts. Here, we chose the desktop as the destination.

Simply then, select the unzipped fonts and select the install option by right-clicking the mouse on it. The PC will install the fonts for you. 

Now, you have the fonts accessible in your Cricut Design Space. 

Step 2: Accessing The Font In Cricut Design Space

Since you have already downloaded the font or fonts in the hard drive of your machine, accessing them in Cricut Design Space is easy. Click on the Text tool present in the Design Panel on the left side to create a box with the text. On the top of Cricut Design Space, a Text Edit menu will open. From there you can use the Font dropdown if you want to select different fonts depending on your project. 

In this dropdown font menu, the Cricut and system fonts are present. If you want to see the fonts you installed, you can sort the system fonts only. Or, you can type in the name of the font you like in the search bar and find what you are looking for. This step helps especially when you have numerous fonts. We will select the font Antenna, which we installed above. 

You find this easy, right? These steps are for selecting any of the system fonts you want to use. 

What Are Some of the Good Fonts For Cricut Design Space?

We have gone through the installation and access the process of the font in Cricut Design Space. Keep one thing in mind while using system fonts, there is a risk involved while using them. 

The Cricut software cuts mathematically simpler files way better than it cut a mathematically complicated file. The fonts designed for Cricut software are mathematically simple for easy cutting. The system fonts you choose might not be as simple. We will take one of these fonts as an example. 

Bold Brush – the edges of this font are rough for the Cricut software to cut. The Cricut has to adjust the blade and mat direction accordingly at every angle. Although Cricut is a marvelous machine, it might not cut this font as well as you expect it to cut. 

Look at the screen where the Bold Brush is, on the other hand. It has perfectly smooth and nice edges that are perfect for cutting on the Cricut. 

When you choose a system font to cut on the Cricut, the smooth edges will cut better. Remember this!

Making An Easy and Cute Onesie With System Fonts

Now let’s create a simple onesie using the system fonts you installed. Start this by making a heart using the Shapes option in the Design Panel. Resize the heart to be a bit bigger while we are working on it. 

You can even change the colors of the heart shape using the Layer Attributes menu in the Layers Panel present on the right side of the screen. 

Now create a text box and type in the word Love. Now apply the Bold Brush font from the system bundle. 

The Cricut Design Space has a knack for starting with increased letter spacing. You can decrease the letter spacing from the Text Menu to -0.05. 

Now, resize, rotate, and move the text over the heart shape. 

Then select the heart shape and the word and click on the Slice option in the lower right-side panel present at the bottom of the Layers Panel. 

The results showing, will have different shapes, so move them away from the heart shape, cut them out, and delete them. 

We now have an easy file to cut using Cricut. 

We have cut the file from the black vinyl and used the EasyPress machine to attach it to the onesie. You can use a simple iron or heat press as well. 

Doesn’t that look awe-inspiring and cute? You can make fully customizable gifts for your friends and family like this. 

We hope this article serves its purpose and you learn to upload fonts to the Cricut design space. Creating customizable designs using Cricut Design Space is truly amazing and gives way to show your creativity. 

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