How to Slice & Crop in Cricut Design Space
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How to Slice & Crop in Cricut Design Space

Well, hello there! We are back again with a new topic about Cricut. This extensive article will learn everything about the Slice Cricut Design Space and Crop Cricut Design Space option. 


The Slice Cricut Design Space is an option in the software you can use to split and crop two overlapping images or layers. This feature makes it easier for you to make a completely new design.


The benefits of the Slice option are countless, especially when you can customize and create new personalized art designs using those existing shapes and images. If you set your grip on this tool, you will become a professional in using Cricut.


Where Can You find the Slice tool & Which Things to remember?

You can locate the Slice tool in the Cricut Design Space software at the layers panel’s bottom, which only activates when you select two layers.

However, here is a caveat; you can’t slice more than two layers with the software. Because then the software wouldn’t know how to cut the shapes according to the other one.

Why can we see the disappointment on your face? Don’t be sad. We have a trick up our sleeve where we will show you how to slice multiple images after this short tutorial.

Now let’s chat about how Slice Cricut Design Space works.

Slice Tool inside Green Square

The first thing to do on the canvas area is to put some shapes. Do this by clicking on the Shapes button present on the left menu panel. 

Look at the picture below of what we did, and let’s talk about what happened in it.

Slice Cricut Design Space step by step Info-Graphic

  1. The original designs we put on the canvas area were the square and the heart, right? However, we decided to cut the heart shape out of the square.
  2. To achieve this step, simply place the heart shape on top of the square. Then select both the layers and click on the slice option. 
  3. After slicing, the two layers will become three. It will always be like that- an extra layer will be present. 
    • The first layer from which you wanted to slice the more oversized shape- over here, the pink heart.
    • A copy of the shape you wanted to slice out- in our example, the blue heart.
    • Last but not least, and the reason you wanted to Slice a design, you got a new design with a cut out of the image you used to slice against the other image- in the example, the blue square.


NOTE: All these steps mentioned above are applicable to the TEXT as well. In place of the heart shape, you could use any word or a sentence. To slice the text, all you need to do is make sure that the text is in a single layer.

Now you are aware of how Slice works. So, let’s see what other benefits you can reap from this tool.

How Can You Slice Multiple Images on Cricut Design Space?

Look at the following screenshot. You will see a massive star with multiple pink circles on it. What we are going to do is, we will cut out all the circles from the star.

But the question is, how to cut it when we have more than two layers? 

Should we slice every circle against the star individually? That would be time-consuming, so that’s a no. 

The answer to this problem is the “Weld” option. 

The Slice won’t work when you have more than two layers.

When you have multiple layers scattered around and want to cut them out of another shape, you can’t cut them out by simply selecting them and then slice them. 

Keep it in mind, Cricut only cuts two layers at a time. 

Slice multiple images step by step Info-Graphic.

Perform the following steps to slice out multiple images or shapes. 

  1. Firstly, select all the layers you want to slice and weld them. You will find the “Weld” tool located at the bottom of the layers panel present at the slice tool’s right.
  2. After the weld function, you will find that all the circles are in one layer now. You have to overlap them on top of the star and click on the slice button. 
  3. After slicing, you will find three different results. 
    • Purple circles.
    • Yellow circles.
    • A star with multiple cut-outs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you weld, there won’t be an option for you to separate the circles. If you need them later for some purpose, make a copy of it, group them, and hide their visibility. 

Using the Slice tool to Perform Crop Cricut Design Space Option On Images

You will find multiple tutorials and guides on Cricut Design Space, but you won’t find a tutorial where they will teach you how to crop images or photos using the software. 

.jpg and .png files are complex images that were not made to be cut piece by piece like an SVG or other cut file. These types of images are for you to Print and then Cut. 

After you upload the photo, you will have the option to crop it, but that would be a square crop. It won’t be anything like what we are about to present you with. 

Crop your favorite photos to make stickers, magnets, etc

  1. First, you will click on the Upload button present on the canvas area’s left panel and select the images you want to work on.
  2. Overlap the shape on the place you want to crop, select the image and the shape, and then click on the slice option.
  3. The slice result we get this time is by using the hearts. It is an indication of how many possibilities you have with this program.

Let’s see some more examples.

Use different shapes to Crop your photos.

An octagon, a star, a circle- we used these shapes to create and demonstrate different crops and effects for the images used. If you want a standard crop, you can use a square and unlock its proportions to create a rectangle shape.

NOTE: You can change the proportions by selecting the shape/layer and clicking on the small lock icon present on the selection’s left-hand corner.

What are the Slice and Set Methods?

Using multiple colors during your projects can be difficult to align. You will need to learn how to layer them up on the surface of the project you are working on. 

This is important to learn when you are using materials like Cricut infusible ink, which is capable of ruining your project if you don’t perform this method.

Look at the following example and try to understand it. 

We have a design of an engagement ring and an outline that you can use to create a T-shirt with Cricut infusible ink.

The initial outline is solid, and if you layer up both the designs using the infusible ink materials, your project won’t mark up to your expectations.

To perform the Slice and Set function, you will need to align both the images, select them, and click on “Slice.”

Slice both images

After the slicing function, you will find three different images, and sometimes they can be more. 

Slice result

But here, we only need two designs, the black layer and the outlined layer with the cut-out you made.

Keep only the layers you need

Mostly for the Slice and Set method, we use Cricut Infusible Ink, but you can also use the method with adhesive or HTV vinyl.

Layering up colors and more layers will make your design congested and bulky. You wouldn’t want that.

Where is Slice Cricut Design Space in the Phone App?

We taught you all of the steps in this tutorial to perform it in the Cricut Design Space application.

You will find the Slice tool located on the bottom panel of the canvas in the Action button of the Cricut’s application. 

Be mindful to select two images to activate this tool.

Slice, Weld, and Other Tools You Can Use to Customize Images in Cricut Design Space

So far, you have learned the following main things:

  • Slicing against two shapes
  • Slicing multiple images
  • Using Slice to Crop Cricut Design Space images 
  • Slice and Set Method
  • Where Slice is located in Cricut’s app.

It’s time to use the Slice option with other tools and make something new out of two existing images present in Cricut’s Library. You can use free ones. 

If you are a beginner, this might be difficult for you, but we will try to explain it in as easy words as possible. If you don’t understand it, you can visit our site for the beginner’s guide. 

Add Images to Cricut Design Space

To start adding pictures from Cricut’s Library, click on the Images button present on the left panel of the canvas.

A new screen will appear filled with images to insert them. For Free images, click on the images and click on the Free option. 

Select and Insert Images

The images we used are free at the moment. We can’t say it will stay that way when you use it. If you don’t find them in the free section, uncheck the box and search by entering their codes: #M54A5D & #M4FCE3A.

If they aren’t free, you can work on them but not cut them until you pay for them. 

We selected some butterflies and flowers, which you can find in the next screenshot.

Ungroup Images and Delete Unwanted Pieces

When you insert the butterflies and flowers, they will be grouped.

We only want to work on the last butterfly and some pink flowers. So, select each flower and click on the ungroup button present on the top of the Layers panel. 

Delete the three butterflies and orange flowers.

Create a New Design

We are going to create such a cool design that you’ll love. Our vision is to slice out flowers on each one of the butterfly’s wings.

After we ungrouped and deleted the unwanted pieces, we are left with only one butterfly and three flowers.

Look at the picture below, and let’s talk about it.

Organize and weld flowers

What we did here is, organize the flowers a bit to make it more appealing. We overlapped them, but you don’t have to. Then we clicked on the weld to create a new shape/or single layer.

We wanted more flowers on the wings, so we duplicated the already welded flowers, arranged them, and then welded them again. 

Note: Press Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V to duplicate the flowers using your keyboard. For Mac users, use the Cmd key.

Duplicate flowers and weld again.

This is how they should look like.

Use Duplicate, Flip, and Weld to Complete

Now, we got to add the flowers on the wings. 

Select the first floral shape and rotate/move it to fit the upper-right butterfly wing. 

NOTE: Rotate or resize your design by selecting the design and moving the little icons/arrows on the right corner of the selection.

After organizing the design on the right-wing, duplicate it, then FLIP it by selecting the horizontal icon to create a perfect mirror design. Then arrange the copy on the left butterfly wing.

Use flip to mirror flowers and place them on the left-wing.

We are almost done!

Flip Vertical and finalize by welding and then “Slice.”

These are the following steps to finish our design:

  1. Select both of the top floral designs and click on the Duplicate option to add flowers on each of the lower wings.
  2. Select the Flip option and vertically flip it to create a mirror design. Organize the new floral design on the lower wings.
  3. Select all the floral layers and click on “Weld” to layer them all into one.
  4. Lastly, select both of the butterflies and flowers, then click on Slice. This is why you are reading this tutorial.

Slice Cricut Design Space Result, Where to Use and Place it

After all that hard work, you have a fantastic personalized design created out of two different images.

Your creativity is the only limit here. You will absolutely love the results when you start being more creative. 

Do some experiments, keep trying, but never give up! 

Butterfly Slice Result

Where would this design suit best? You have a lot of templates to choose from. 

We used templates here to know where this will look better, and we decided throw pillows were the best option. It looks perfect on them. 

Use templates to see how your design will look like.

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