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How to Install Cricut Design Space for Desktop

Your DIY’s, crafting, arts, design, or scrapbooking passion found a new partner as the Cricut partner. We heard that many Cricut world crafters are facing anxiety or panic because the Cricut Design Space software’s latest version is switching to an offline desktop application. 

Worry not! For we are here to help and to put your panicked state to rest. This article contains the most frequently asked questions and some troubleshooting help that can prove beneficial on how to install Cricut Design Space on your PC. 

Why are they changing to offline?

All the crafters are asking why did the Design Space software faced this change? Why it to change if one was happy with the previous one?

Cricut wants the best for the users. And the software may be working great online, but the company wants to make sure it continues to thrive in the upcoming years. This transition enables a better user experience by giving them the freedom to do what they couldn’t when restricted to a web browser and system updates which don’t support the proper functions. 

Design Space can auto-update itself for your convenience. 

This change has made many skeptical and extremely frustrated with the new update, but you will be thankful for this transition after some time. It will all be okay- that is a guarantee. Let’s talk about some other FAQ’s in the how to install Cricut Design Space on your PC article. 


Is the new offline app free?

Absolutely yes! Without a doubt. The Design Space software Cricut provides always been free and will continue to stay free of cost. 


How do I install Cricut Design Space Software Latest Version for Desktop?

That’s a good one to ask! You can install Cricut Design Space’s desktop application right here. Follow the steps mentioned there for an easy installation that’ll only take some minutes. 

After the installation, you will open the software from the desktop instead of the browser. If you visit, you will be re-directed to the desktop application starting from 01/29/2020


Which computer is the Cricut Design Space download compatible with?

Cricut Design Space is compatible with Windows and Mac desktop. It doesn’t (in any way) support a Google Chromebook. 

For Windows users, Windows should be 10 for the software to install quickly and run smoothly. 

Mac users should also keep their OS software updated. 


What will happen to my app on my iPad, iPhone, or Andriod device?

Nothing at all! Here’s a fun fact: the mobile application is already in offline mode. The company is matching the perks they offer here to desktop users as well. 


What will happen to my Cricut Access subscription?

Again, nothing at all! The Cricut Access subscription and any images you purchased will automatically be transferred to the new desktop application. You don’t need to worry or do anything. 


What happens to my saved projects?

You already know the answer- nothing! The saved projects will also seamlessly be transferred to the desktop application. 


Why is my app running so slow? Why doesn’t the app load at all?

It is easy for us to feel frustrated when things don’t go our way. You can always turn to someone for help. 

If you face issues in the application such as the app not running, not opening, or running slow, the first thing you should check is your Mac or Windows software version- it should be the latest version. For 99% of users, this is the only problem. 

But, if you have the latest software installed and still face these issues, uninstall and then reinstall the software after updating your desktop. Also, make sure your desktop has at least 2GB of free space to have the proper space in the hard drive for the software. 

The desktop version application also has a help bubble at the bottom left-hand side for you to take help from. You can easily address your issues by selecting a subject, category, and even drawing on the screen to pinpoint the specific problem. That is very innovative and cool. 


Can I continue to use the online version?

No! As of January 29, 2020, the online version will only redirect you to the offline desktop app. 


How do I share my projects from the new Design Space app?

It’s in the same way as before. There is a share option, but the URL will open in the desktop version and not in the online one. 


How do I download Image Files for Offline Use?

If you don’t have a WiFi connection but want to use images in your project, select the desired image, and click the download option available in the far left corner. Once it’s been saved for offline use, you can load, edit, and cut the image without WiFi. 


My screen is blank when I load the app. Why?

Cricut says to clear the cache and relaunch the app if you face this problem. 


Why is Design Space running slow?

“Force-reload” the app if this occurs, a suggestion from Cricut. Select View> force-reload to reload it.


Why can’t I see all my projects or images?

If the images are missing, close the app entirely and relaunch it after checking the internet access is smooth. Working on an image in the offline version requires an internet connection to load images saved from the cloud. 

We hope to have resolved your problems in this how-to install Cricut Design Space to your desktop article. 

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