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How to Edit Text in Cricut Design Space

Bought a Cricut and want to edit text like a pro? Do not move from your seat and do not leave this article because we will teach you how to use the Cricut Design Space software, and you will be able to make all your ideas come true.

We know that the most challenging thing to do designs is the text and the type of font that you will use. That is why you need to learn how to use Cricut machines, what kind of text you can design, and open yourself to a sea of ​​possibilities.

We want to be on the same page with you and let you understand everything. First, we will tell you about all the basic concepts of the software, the logic with which text editing works, and apply everything we have learned in a basic tutorial.

Ready to learn all about Cricut Design Space? If the answer is “Yes,” and you have the time to customize all your future designs, let’s get started!

Add and Edit text

If we are going to learn how to edit a text in Cricut Design Space, we must know how to add it to the work canvas. Don’t worry, because the interface of this software is user-friendly and easy to use.

On the left side of the work canvas, there is a panel with different icons, and one of these is an uppercase “T” with “Text” written underneath. When you click on this icon, a blank box will appear that says, “Add text here,” and you will be able to write the text of your choice. If you want to edit a text that you already registered, you can double click on the text, and the white box will appear again.

All about the Editing menu

We must warn you that there are many ways to edit text, tools, and tricks. However, some edit menu options are enough to get a professional job done in no time.

Don’t be afraid to look at all these tools in the edit menu because when you finish this guide and get some practice done, you can be a pro. However, never settle for the information we give you and try all the tools.

The edit menu options that we will explain because we consider them to be the most important are:

  • Linetype
  • Fill
  • Font
  • Style
  • Font Size
  • Letter Space
  • Line Space
  • Alignment
  • Curve
  • Advanced


This tool allows you to manage almost everything that has to do with the lines of the letters. The options you can choose when you click on the box under the word Linetype are:

  1. Cut: If you select this option, the Cricut machine will cut the material you are using. Additionally, there is a box with color, and you must identify the color of the material you are using.
  2. Draw: This option makes the Cricut machine draw the text, but you will need the Cricut Pens to draw.
  3. Score: If you don’t want to crop or draw, you can highlight the text without cutting it to create relief. However, this option can be made with a Cricut maker machine, the Scoring Wheel accessory, or the Scoring Stylus.


To understand this option, we must know that the Fill is used only with the print option, and the print option is only activated with the cut option of the line type. It may seem not very clear, but the options that Fill offers and that you should know about are:

  • No Fill: if you don’t want to print anything, you can select this option and ignore the fill tool.
  • Print: If you want to print a design and then cut it, you should pay close attention to this option. When you select Print, you can configure the printing by clicking on the color box next to the option. The options that will appear are:
    • Color: this will be the color of the text you want to print.
    • Patter: If you want your text to be filled with a specific pattern or a Cricut pattern, you can configure it here.


All texts have a font, and Cricut Sans is the default font used by the software. If you are familiar with Microsoft programs, changing the font shouldn’t be a problem because you have to select the font you want by clicking on the drop-down menu and choose the font you like the most.

Some fonts are not free, and you must have Cricut Access to use most of the best fonts. However, membership can be a bit pricey, and you should know if a single font is worth paying for or if you will be using more fonts.

In case you do not have Cricut Access, you can use the filter that says “my fonts,” and it will show all the fonts on your system and those that Cricut offers free at that moment.

The best thing about using Cricut Fonts for a project is the multilayer and writing options. The writing font takes full advantage of Cricut pens, allowing you to add a natural touch to your written text. On the other hand, the multilayer font is perfect for making texts with a typeface with more than two layers.

Should I use Cricut or System fonts? We always advise you to use Cricut fonts because they are designed to make 100% use of Cricut machines. However, if you want to use the ones of your system, you should know that you will not get the same natural effect, and it will look like a typeface printed by a machine.


By clicking on this option, you will see a menu that will allow you to see different styles, such as regular, Bold, italic, and Bold italic. This kind of font style is what we are all used to for a lifetime, but if you use Cricut Fonts, you may find some beautiful styles out of the ordinary.

Font Size

In this part, we cannot say much because you only have to choose the size of the letters or text you want to edit.

Letter and line Space

Does it bother you that the letters are too close together or too far apart? This option is the best of all because you can adjust the space between the letters. In case you want to use italics, you will have to use this option because the letters will separate a lot, and it will be a horrible design. To solve this problem, follow the steps below:

  • Add the text you want and change the style to italic.
  • Select the text you added and reduce the space between the letters.
  • Select the text again, select the “Advanced” option, and choose the “ungroup to letters” option. It will allow you to move each letter separately.
  • Don’t print anything yet, because you must select each letter separately to make it a single word. When selecting the text’s letters, you must choose the option “weld” that is at the bottom of the right panel of “Layers.”


This tool allows you to choose the direction of text alignment. This option is also similar to that of Microsoft software because it only offers you the same three options:

  • Right: The text you have chosen will be aligned to an invisible margin on the right.
  • Center: The chosen text will be aligned in the center as if it were a title or subtitle.
  • Left: In this case, it is the same as the first option, but this time it will be aligned to an invisible margin on the left.


Do you want your text to be in the shape of an arch? This tool will help you so that any text can be in a curve. However, you should know that this option does not support paragraphs. That is, you must manage the number of words well so that you can use it.


Do you want to start with the most exciting section?


You already know all the basics you need to know to work with Cricut Design Space, but in this section are almost all the options that can make your life much easier. We will show you some examples so that you can see what the choices you can choose are:

  • Ungroup to Layers: This option allows you to separate all the layers of the text and edit them. However, this option works when the multilayer option is enabled.
  • Ungroup to Lines: if you want to join the paragraph lines, this option allows you to do so. What makes this option special is that you can edit each line of a paragraph individually and adjust it to where you need it.
  • Ungroup to Letters: As we explained previously, this option allows you to separate all the letters of a word, paragraph, line of text, and order them as you want.

Are you ready to practice what you learned?

If you want to practice everything you learned, there is only one rule: try, configure, and change anything you want because you will not damage the computer. We always recommend using new canvases for each practice because settings are only saved on used canvases.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Let’s start by adding some text

If this guide is about editing text with the Cricut Design Space software, we must place a text to apply modifications. You can write anything, but we recommend writing, “To be a professional using any Cricut Machine, you must learn how to use Cricut Design Space.”

Let’s choose a font that you like.

When you have the text written, choose a font that you like the most. Remember, you can use any free font you want, but remember that you can buy a one-month membership in Cricut Access and choose any font you want.

Let’s use Ungroup to lines

In this step, we will use the “Ungroup to lines” tool to separate the paragraph lines and use the curve tool later.

Do you remember how to separate the lines? If you don’t, we will remind you. First, select your paragraph, click on advanced and then select the option “Ungroup lines”.

Easy right? But we have to make each line with the same length, because it has different measurements, and we have to make them look the same. We will do this with the following tool.

Let’s make it look better with the Letter Spacing option

It has been proven that humans are visually uncomfortable if something is not uniform, and that includes paragraphs. However, be careful to put the letters together or apart a lot, because it has to look natural.

Most of the time, we choose the longest line to guide and adjust the rest based on it. To make this configuration, we must select the smallest lines, choose the Letter Space option, and make them have the same size.

Let’s make curves

Do you like to make perfect curves? This tool will be perfect for you.

First, select the line with which you want to make a curve, click on the option that says “curve,” and use the bar to control the curve’s radius. However, you can also insert the curve’s radius in the box next to the control bar, and if you put a negative number, the curve will go down.

Let’s give it a final touch with Linetype and Fill

If you don’t remember these options, you can go back to the beginning and read a little about them. However, it does not matter if you make a mistake because you can press “CTRL + Z,” and it will return a back modification.

We chose the first line and chose the “Draw” option as the line type. The default option is “No Fill,” and we changed the color to purple.

We chose the second line and chose the “Cut” option. We selected the option “Print as fill.” Finally, we chose the color red.

If you are here, Congratulations!

If you followed our guide to the letter, you shouldn’t have had much trouble mastering the Cricut Design Space Software. If you didn’t understand any section, don’t worry, it can be tricky to handle this software like a pro.

Always remember, “Practice makes perfect,” and anyone can do great works with Cricut machines.

If you have questions, doubts, observations or want to share your experience, we will be happy to read and support you.

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