Free Zomby SVG Files

Zombies is a mystical rhetypical character of modern mass culture. Zombies are understood as a corpse, animated in a fantastic way, or a zombie living person, who completely loses control over himself and his body or obeys someone else’s orders. In a figurative sense, the word can mean an obsessed person who is strongly influenced by any belief, hobbies or destructive cult.

Zomby SVG in Fantasy

The image of zombies originated in fantasy mystical novels, where zombies were understood as a corpse animated by necromantic witchcraft, or in a divine way, having roots in mythology and religion. In recent years, the scientific and fantastic justification for the transformation of people into zombies has become popular – an infection. Doctors theoretically consider such variants of a pandemic as an infection, suggesting that influenza or rabies viruses have mutated. Zombies are considered to be a class of fictional creatures such as “undead”.

In the works of modern cinema the word ” Zomby SVG” is usually used as a synonym for “dead body”. The reason for this rethinking can be erected to the films “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead” by George Romero, which laid the foundation for the popularization and active use of the living dead in the movies. In Dawn of the Dead, dead people are rarely called “zombies,” and the meaning of the name is that dead people don’t have a mind (there is a specific mention in the film that dead people’s brains are dead). Thus, over time, the term “zombies” usually refers to dead people who are alive and not zombies. The first film to directly identify the dead with a voodoo understanding of zombies was Hammer’s classic Gothic horror film, Plague of Zombies (1966), despite its little popularity among viewers, which had a significant impact on the genre of zombie films.