Free Zebra SVG Files

Zebra SVG is a mammalian animal of mammalian class, unimproved ungulates, horse families, horses, zebra subgenus.

Zebra SVG is an animal that has a medium sized body that is more than 2 meters long. The weight of the zebra is 300-350 kg. It’s got a mid-length tail that usually grows to 50 cm. The male zebra is larger than the female, its height in the withers is 1.4 – 1.5 meters. These animals are quite dense and stocky. The legs of the zebra are short, ending in strong hooves.

The zebra griddle is short and stiff. The central row of pile runs along the back with a characteristic “brush” from the head to the tail. The neck of the zebra is muscular, the males have thicker necks.

Zebras run not as fast as horses, but can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h if necessary. In the case of zebra chase, he uses a special zigzagging tactic, which together with the special stamina makes the animal unattainable prey for many predators.

Zebra SVG vision is very poor, but it has an excellent sense of smell, which allows the animal to smell the potential danger at a considerable distance and to warn the native herd in time.

The sounds made by zebras are very diverse. They look like dog barking, horse rusting, donkey screaming, etc. It all depends on the situation in which the zebra screams. In a favorable combination of circumstances, the life expectancy of zebra in the wild reaches 25-30 years, in captivity – up to 40 years.

Many people wonder, “What color is the zebra? White or black. There is still debate about the color of the zebra: a white animal with a black stripe or vice versa. Scientists claim that the dominant color is still black.  In any case, the stripes on the zebra skin make up a unique pattern for each individual, just as there are no two tigers with the same stripes.

The zebra stripes on the neck and head are arranged vertically, the body of the animal is painted with stripes at an angle, the legs are decorated with horizontal stripes. An interesting feature is that zebra cubs recognize their mother by the unique pattern of the stripes.

Zebra SVG stripes are a kind of protection: the animal visually merges with the hot, shaking air of the savannah, disorienting predators. It is also a disguise for the gadflies and Tsetse flies, which react only to polarized color and perceive zebra as an inedible object, which is the flashing of black and white stripes.

The last explanation is that the zebra strips are used to thermoregulate the body of the animal. There is an opinion that the black and white coloring of zebras is capable of cooling the animal. The fact is that the areas of the body heat up differently: white is weaker, black is stronger. Temperature differences cause microcirculation of the air flow near the animal, which helps the zebra to live under the scorching sun.