Free Wreath SVG Files

Wreath SVG is a ring-shaped ornament of flowers, leaves, branches, and sometimes also of materials imitating natural ones.

In folk traditions – a ritual subject, an element of decoration of performers of ceremonies, a talisman. Also used in folk costumes of Ukraine and Poland. It is made of fresh greens and flowers, less often – of evergreen plants, needles, dry branches and flowers, of straw, paper, canvas. Like other types of greens, the Wreath SVG is also used to decorate residential, household and other buildings (houses, cowsheds, gates, wells, etc.), ritual objects (e.g., badniaks, coffins, crosses (less frequently – caravan, as well as homes), pets (cows, sheep).

Wreath SVG History

In ancient Greece, wreaths were awarded to the winners of music and sports competitions. The winners of the Pythian Games were awarded with a wreath of laurel leaves. Already in the 5th century B.C. the wreath became a common symbol of victory.

In the Roman Empire, wreaths were awarded as awards, for example, corona civica (a wreath of oak leaves) for rescuing a Roman citizen from a life-threatening situation, or corona muralis in the form of a cogged crown for those who were the first to step on the enemy city wall during a siege or assault.

Later, organic material was replaced by metal and the crown was developed from a wreath. Being an element of decoration for the participants of rituals or pets, residential and household buildings, the wreath often served as a shield from the unclean force, the evil eye. Ritual use of the wreath is associated with the understanding of the wreath as a circle, which brings the wreath closer to other objects with a hole (ring, hoop, roll).

Christmas Wreath SVG

In many countries, you can see a Christmas wreath in the pre-Christmas period – a wreath of spruce branches with four candles, mounted vertically or placed on a table.

The Christmas wreath was introduced into the Christmas tradition by the Lutheran theologian Johann Hinrich Wichern from Hamburg.

A Christmas wreath with four candles is associated with the globe and four sides of the world. The circle symbolizes eternal life, which is given by the Resurrection, green – the color of life, and candles – the light that illuminates the world at Christmas.