Free Work SVG Files

Work SVG can mean:

  • Work SVG – the functioning of a system – a mechanism, a biocenosis, an organism or a community – as well as a part of it.
  • Work SVG – what can be done, made, the work of any work, finished products.
  • Work (in law) – activity the results of which have a material expression and can be implemented to meet the needs of the organization and (or) individuals. See also Contract (agreement).
  • Work (in art) – opus, work of art, creation of some author.
  • Work (in psychology) – serious activity, opposed to play or love. One of the criteria for the patient’s normality (or cure).

Human Work SVG

Work is a human activity; aimed at creating values or meeting the needs of others;

result of this activity (also work, work): printed work (article, monograph), diploma, dissertation;

Sometimes they separate the activities aimed at receiving payment: work (capitalism)

Work – a place where an employee carries out labor activity.