Free Wolverines SVG Files

Wolverine SVG is a predatory mammal of the Kunya family, the only representative of the Gulo family (translated from the Latin “glutton”). There are two subspecies: Gulo gulo gulo gulo (Eurasia) and Gulo gulo luscus (North America).

Wolverines SVG Appearance

Big representative of the subfamily of cunies. The size of the Kunya family is second only to the Kalan. Weight varies from 11 to 19 kg (other sources – from 9 to 30 kg), females are approximately 10% smaller in size and 30% smaller in weight. Length 70-86 cm, tail length 18-23 cm. Externally, the wolverine looks more like a bear or badger: its body is stocky, clumsy; legs are short, longer than the front legs, which makes the back of the wolverine arched upwards. Head big, muzzle elongated, blunted in front; tail short, very fluffy. The feet of the legs are disproportionately large – 10 cm wide and 9 cm long, which allows wolverine to move easily in deep, loose snow. The claws are big, hooked. Wolverine is a stopping beast, i.e. it puts its foot on the whole foot, which is the reason for its characteristic clubfoot.

The teeth are powerful, have sharp edges. Wolverine fur is thick, long, coarse, has a brown or brown-black color with a yellow or golden stripe, passing from the top to the shoulders and groats. There are two subspecies of animal: North American and European.

Wolverines SVG Distribution

Wolverine is common in the taiga, in the forest tundra and partly in the tundra of Eurasia and North America.

In Europe, it has survived in the north of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and partly in Poland and Belarus.

In Russia, the southern border of its area passes through the Tver, Kirov, Leningrad and Vologda Regions and the Perm Territory; wolverine is widely spread in Siberia and the Far East. It is also widespread on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region, Karelia, Pskov and Novgorod regions, the Komi Republic, and Kamchatka.

One of the U.S. states, Michigan, has the nickname “Wolverine State”.