Free Witch SVG Files

Witch SVG is a woman who practices magic (witchcraft) and has magical powers and knowledge. In modern Russian, the word “witch” also has a cursory and sarcastic meaning.

Witch SVG Historical notions

People with dangerous knowledge and skills have long been respected or feared. In the Middle Ages, there was a perception that a woman became a Witch SVG by concluding a contract with the devil. Witches were attributed to them:

Participation in the Shabbahna in the so-called bald mountains (for example, on Walpurgis Night),

intercourse with demons in the image of men (incubation),

of sacrificing babies.

This superstition led to a surge from the end of the XV – to the middle of the XVII centuries of mass persecution and executions of women who were considered witches. This period in Western Europe entered the historiography called “witch hunting”. Guided, in particular, by the treatise “The Hammer of Witches” written in 1486, the Holy Inquisition began mass trials of the so-called “witches”. The Veda’s trials were conducted not only by the Inquisition: they also took place in Protestant states, as well as in the American colonies of England (Salem witches). Even disbelief in the existence of witches was declared a crime (heresy) requiring the use of torture and the death penalty.

In many Slavic countries, Vedic trials were less common and sentences were milder.

The Slavs considered the witches’ basic skills:

Ability to sabotage;

  • The ability to take away milk from cows, wool from sheep, eggs from poultry and fat from pigs;
  • To deprive people of their crops and make them ghouls;
  • Send diseases;
  • Spoil food;
  • Manage the weather – cause hail, drought, etc.
  • Even in a dream, a witch can cause trouble.

The National Science Foundation (USA) considers the existence of witches to be one of the most common pseudoscientific misconceptions among Americans.

Witch SVG Dualistic image

The Witch SVG (“the one who owns the secret information”) is one of the brightest characters in demonology. Her descriptions and characteristics are presented in detail in ethnographic literature. It symbolizes not only abstract evil; sometimes it can be a symbol of lethal ulcer or even death, and in this sense its actions are similar to the actions of a vampire.

A pale wrinkled face, a hooked nose that catches all sorts of smells, big greedy lips, every eye for a nickel, immovable eyelids that can’t even move a sunbeam in the eye – that’s a portrait of an evil creature in the guise of a woman, without whose participation there was no bad deed on earth. From the angry and vengeful nature of some witches etymologists derive the origin of the abusive meaning of the word witch” – “evil, grumpy woman”. Close to this and the word “scoundrel” (from the “enemy” – “to enchant, thief, enemy, harm”). A witch’s characteristic ability is the ability to be “always young” and transform into different images (“be diverse”). In the modern life of Christian peoples witch can be a symbol of bad, grumpy woman, as well as a person who knows a lot and can influence the course of events.