Free Whale SVG Files

Whale SVG are marine mammals from a group of cetaceans, which are neither dolphins nor harbour porpoises. Orcas and greenfinches have the word “whale” in their unofficial names (“killer whale”), although they are strictly classified as dolphins. In the outdated classification, whales were referred to as smooth whales. In the olden days, the word “whale” was sometimes used to mean leviathan.

Whale SVG Origin and species

Cetaceans, in particular whales, are the largest among the animals: the blue whale (blue whale) in adulthood reaches an average body length of 25 m (the largest – up to 33 m) and weights of 90-120 tons. All cetaceans, including whales, dolphins and porpoises, are descendants of terrestrial mammals of the Ungulates. According to molecular genetic data, both cetaceans and ungulates are classified as masonry-hoofed, which includes whales, hippos and all ungulates. Moreover, according to these data, the hippos are among the closest living relatives of the whales; they are descended from a common ancestor who lived about 54 million years ago. The whales have moved to a water lifestyle some 50 million years ago. Cetaceans are divided into three subcategories:

Moustache whales (Mysticeti) are distinguished by their moustache, filter-shaped structure located on the upper jaw, consisting mainly of keratin. Usus is used to filter plankton out of the water, sieving a large amount of water through the comb structure of the mouth. Moustached whales are the largest suborder of whales.

Toothed whales (Odontoceti) have teeth and hunt large fish and squids. This is their main source of food. A remarkable ability of this group is the ability to feel their environment by means of echolocation. Dolphins and porpoises are among the toothed ones.

Ancient whales (Archaeoceti) are now a completely extinct group.

Whale SVG in mythology

Myths about the Whales SVG came from the east to the Greeks and were thus included in the Apocrypha. In the Greek “Physiologist”, where the whale is called άσπιδοχελώνη, the same tale about him is given as in the collection of Arabic fairy tales “1001 nights”: “The whale looks like an island; the shipbuilders stick to it and tie the stakes to them, the monster does not touch it; but as soon as they put fire on its ridge, it immediately goes into the depths, taking the deceived swimmers with them. The Apocrypha, under the influence of common Oriental tales of the Earth resting on some animal, made the whales the foundations of the Earth. According to “The Talk of the Three Sainted” the Earth floats over the great sea on three large and 30 small whales; the latter cover the end of the sea; “eat those whales a tenth of the heavenly fragrance and from that they are fed up”. In the story of Methodius of Tatar about Noah the Flood is explained by the fact that the whales, at the command of God, retreated from the sea window, so that the water went to the ground. The “Jerusalem Talk” and the “Pigeon Book” connect the whale’s movement with the end of the world. According to “Pigeon Book” – “Whale fish to all mother’s fish. The ground is based on the Kita fish; when the Kita fish turns, then our white light will end.