Free Wedding SVG Files

Wedding SVG is a ritual that accompanies marriage.

Many peoples’ weddings include ritual moving of the bride from her parents’ house to the groom’s house, exchange of gifts, feasts and so on. With wedding at all peoples the set of beliefs is connected, will accept and ceremonies. At believers wedding is accompanied by religious ceremonies (wedding in Christianity, nicknames in Islam and others).

Participants of the Wedding SVG celebration

The central figures of the wedding celebration are the bride and groom. In cultures around the world, relatives of the bride and groom play a significant role in the wedding celebration. The wedding organizers invite the Wedding SVG host, the so-called tamada, or the master of ceremonies, who supervises the course of the event, gives the floor to those who wish to make a toast, monitors the performance of the artists, and so on. In some cases, newlyweds invite professional companies involved in arranging festivals and celebrations to organize their celebrations. In some countries, it is customary to hold weddings with honorary witnesses. Typically, the witness is appointed by the groom and the witness is appointed by the bride. Traditionally, these roles are reserved for friends or siblings of newlyweds.