Free Wasp SVG Files

The Wasp SVG is an arthropod insect from a group of membrane winged insects. Different wasp species belong to different families.

Wasp SVG – descriptions.

A man is used to the classic wasp species, an insect with a black-and-yellow stripe, but these insects may have different colors. The size of the wasp’s body varies from 1.5 cm to 10 cm. The wasp has 4 membranous wings, but some species do not have wings. The wasp abdomen is spindle-shaped or barrel-shaped and covered with hairs. On the sides of the wasp’s head there are two large and complex eyes that allow the insect to see simultaneously in different directions.

Where do wasps live?

Wasps SVG are widely spread in Russia, Europe, North Africa and Australia, Mexico and Argentina, Canada. Wasps are not found only on the Arabian Peninsula, in the harsh Arctic and in the hot Sahara.