Free Washington SVG Files

Washington SVG – the capital of the United States, the symbolic city of American statehood, was named after the first American president George Washington. Pompous and majestic, with spacious avenues, miles of green boulevards and legendary monuments, this city embodies the dreams of Americans of freedom and justice.

All the major U.S. administrative and governmental buildings are concentrated here – the White House, the headquarters of the Congress (Capitol), the residence of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), as well as the buildings of the Supreme Court, the State Department and other influential organizations.

There are no skyscrapers in Washington – buildings above the Capitol are forbidden to build (and its height is only 55 m).

Washington SVG is not the capital of any state, it is an independent administrative unit. The second name is D.C. It was formed from the merger of two cities – Washington and Georgetown (now considered one of the most respectable areas). The Americans call it the District of Columbia, so that there is no confusion with the state of Washington of the same name, located in the north-west of the United States.

Georgetown is considered to be the best shopping area in Washington, with a whole neighborhood of shops in Shops and Georgetown Park. Here you can find clothes of “famous brands”, but on closer inspection it turns out that things are made in China and Southeast Asia. The most popular American brands are Bloomingdales, Macys, Nordstrom, Marshalls. If we take into account the purchase tax (about 10%), the clothes are not much cheaper than in Russia or Europe.

All Apple products, even taking into account the flight and the cost of living in a hotel, will be cheaper here than in Russia. It also makes sense to buy children’s clothing here – it is quite cheap and very high quality.

Shopping centers are located near the Pentagon, near the White House, and many shops and souvenir shops are located in the building of the Central Station – Union Station. In the area of DuPont-Seckl, there are antique shops, fashionable art salons and furniture second-hand shops. Washington’s largest outlet, the Tysons Corner Center, is located in the suburbs. Discounts during sales, which occur twice a year – in winter and summer – reach 60-70%. For lovers of books and book products, the Barnes & Noble chain of shops will be a real find.

From Washington SVG you can bring a standard set of souvenirs: T-shirts with images of the main attractions and American presidents, key chains, caps, magnets. They’re sold downtown every step of the way. But for connoisseurs of national peculiarities there are also more original things in souvenir shops: for example, cowboy hats or products of American Indians (jewelry, “dream catchers”, hats with feathers).