Free Vodka SVG Files

Vodka SVG is a strong alcoholic beverage, colorless water-alcohol solution with characteristic taste and alcoholic smell.

The process of vodka production includes preparation of corrected water, mixing of distilled ethyl alcohol from food raw materials with corrected water, treatment of water-alcohol solution with activated carbon or modified starch, its filtration, application of ingredients, if they are provided by the recipe, mixing, control filtration, pouring into consumer containers and registration of finished products.

Vodka SVG History

In the history of vodka, a distinction should be made between the history of the word “vodka” itself (i.e. its etymology), the history of the modern drink with this name and the technology of production.

At the end of the XIX century vodka was produced not by dilution of distilled alcohol with water to the required concentration – as it is now – but by distillation (distillation in cube) – as moonshine, whiskey, rum or tequila.

The term and trade name “vodka” got its modern meaning (solution of purified ethanol in water) in XIX century.