Free Vintage SVG Files

Vintage SVG – a stylized trend in fashion, especially in clothing and household items, focused on the revival of fashion trends of past generations, eras.

Vintage SVG Description

The term Vintage SVG belonged to the vineyard lexicon of winemakers and denoted high quality wine, which was aged under ideal conditions for many decades. This word was understood as an incredible taste, exclusivity, and, most importantly, the impossibility of making analogues. Today vintage is understood as rarities in the world of fashion and style.

By “vintage” in fashion and design usually mean the original thing of the previous generation (that is, not younger than 30 years), which clearly visible “squeaky fashion” and the peak style of its creation. That’s why it is necessary to turn to the history of fashion of different decades of the XX century when you are passionate about vintage.

Despite the fact that the demand for vintage clothing existed since the early 1950s, vintage style appeared, and then came into fashion in the early 1990s. The increased interest of the public in this new direction, which has become a part of the Western mass culture today, was caused in many respects by the passion for vintage clothes of top models and celebrities, such as Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, Chloe Sevigny, Tatiana Sorocco, Kate Moss and Dita von Teese. The final confirmation of vintage clothing as a legitimate fashion phenomenon was the appearance of the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama in the evening dress of the 1950s, American fashion designer Norman Normal at a Christmas concert in Washington in December 2010.

In Russia, a recognized connoisseur of vintage clothing and accessories is fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, whose collection includes hundreds of items of stuffing from the XVIII century to the present day. Vasilyev instills in society the taste and interest in old and ancient things and in gathering, using flea markets around the world.