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Perhaps one of the most “soulful” places on the planet is Vermont SVG. Just imagine: the mountains covered with forests hide lakes and rivers of purest water, small elegant towns breathe hospitality and hospitality, locals (not only people, but also “our smaller brothers”) live in a leisurely rhythm, every year gladly welcoming thousands of tourist guests. It’s a maple syrup house (believe me, you’ve never tasted anything better than local pancakes with this delicacy!), cheddar cheese and real American Teddy Bear. By the way, we’re going to Waterbury for the bears, where the store of the toy company “Vermont Teddy Bear Campenny”, which produces the only handmade teddy bears with lifetime warranty, is located.

The small size of the state of Vermont is more than compensated for by the excess of New England’s beauty, as these lands are commonly called.

Small both in size and population, Vermont is located in the north-east of the USA and has the official nickname “State of Green Mountains” (the word Vermont comes from the French Vert mont – “green mountain”). And they still argue about what the name comes from – maybe from the thick Vermont forests, or maybe from the green mica found in the mountains. One thing is clear: the small size of the state is more than compensated for by the excess of beauty of New England, as these lands are usually called.

Vermont SVG is the leading producer of golden maple syrup in the United States, which is made from juice collected in Vermont in spring from “sweet” maples. The four varieties are different in colour and taste, so when choosing Vermont syrup as a gift to friends and family, make no mistake in taste.

The state capital is Montpillar. The largest city in the state is Burlington.

The state capital is Montpillar, the smallest capital in the United States. The small town hides in the heart of the Green Mountains, on the banks of the river Vinusky. The largest city in the state is Burlington. It is this picturesque town that has become the center of water recreation in the region.

In addition, Vermont SVG attracts tourists to the beautiful Lake Champlain with its reserves in Missiske, Mount Philo and Barton Island, Mount Mensfield ski resort, Bratlborough town with its water recreation center, city museum and art center, Shelburne historical park with numerous buildings of the New England settlement period, Green Mountain National Forest Reserve and numerous ski resorts in the vicinity.

Alpine skiing or a ride in the silence of the trees on the plain, climbing or hiking in the mountains, riding on a Santa train, and sitting in the evening in a cozy dining room near a crackling fireplace – isn’t that what the tired citizens of the city dream of?

Small but amazing Vermont, which, by the way, has no McDonald’s, even in the capital, amazes and charms its guests. In winter, you can enjoy the view of festive villages buried in snow, sledding and skating on a frozen pond. To go skiing or ride in the silence of trees on the plain, to climb or walk in the mountains, ride on the Santa train, and in the evening to sit in a cozy dining room at the crackling fireplace – isn’t that what the tired citizens of the city dream about?

In spring, Vermont is visited for the traditional maple festival, an action equal or similar to that which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

In summer, you’ll find state music festivals, local wine and beer, fruits and vegetables, swimming, diving and nature conservation walks.

And autumn is a riot of colors, when Vermont is painted by nature itself in all sorts of colors. These are hiking in the mountains, cycling tours, excursions on rivers and lakes, wonderful fishing.

Cultural and historical monuments and events

Historical sightseers will love Shellburn, where you can visit several museums and the famous Shellburn farm, visit the Capitol in the state capital, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Vermont SVG University in Burlington and the round church in 1812 in Richmond. It is safe to say that when you look at all this, you will feel like a hero of “Harry Potter” and you will understand what New England is.

Local sweets, buns, pancakes, coffee, cider are waiting for you.

Vermont SVG is known for its rich cultural life. Those who are lucky enough to be here will be able to attend a number of festivals, including the Green Festival, Maple Festival, Marlborough Music Festival, Apple Festival, Cheese Festival.

The Symphony Orchestra performs regularly throughout the state, and the Shakespeare Theatre Festival is held every summer. Art lovers can also visit the annual Green Mountains Film Festival. And for dessert you will find local sweets, buns, pancakes, coffee, cider – not without reason the people of the state decided to make food one of the attractions.