Free Valentine SVG Files

Valentin SVG is a Latin man’s personal name; it dates back to Latin valens, the Latin name from which the diminishing form of Valentinus was formed and became independent.

History of the Valentine SVG

Valentine’s name in the Christian word refers to several early Christian saints, but above all the priests Valentine, bishop of Interamna and elder Valentine of Rome, as well as the martyr Valentine of Dorostolsk, a warrior who died for an open confession of Christianity (all three lived, according to legend, in the III century).

It is possible that the elder Valentine of Rome and Valentine, Bishop of Interamnah, are the same person. Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day, established in the Catholic tradition on February 14, became a popular international holiday (Valentine’s Day). In the Orthodox tradition, the memory of Bishop Interamna is celebrated on July 30 (August 12) and that of the Roman elder on July 6 (19).