Free Utah SVG Files

Picturesque and unusual for the European eye state of Utah SVG is located among the spacious plateaus and rocky mountain ranges. A huge number of attractions, magnificent views, unique nature, many contrasts and charming atmosphere – this is what attracts tourists here. Which, by the way, every year in the state of Utah SVG arrives more and more.

The name of the state comes from the name of the Utah SVG tribe, and the word in their language means “people of the mountains”. The state capital, Salt Lake City, is named after the nearby main attraction of the region, Salt Lake.

Because the state is in the rainshade of the Sierra Nevada Ridge, the climate is mostly desert, semi-arid. In summer, the southern and eastern parts of the state are on the way to the monsoon, which at this time comes from the Gulf of California. The dryest place here is the desert of the Great Salt Lake.

Snowfalls occur in all regions of the state, except for the southernmost areas. At the same time, cold winters and hot summers are typical for most of the area. Although Utah SVG is reliably protected from the cold air flows of the mountain, the Arctic air masses sometimes reach its territory. In January, the temperature ranges from -10°C (north) to +13°C (St. George’s), in July, the temperature ranges from +29 to +38°C.