Free Twin SVG Files

Twins SVG are children of the same mother who have developed during one pregnancy and were born as a result of one delivery after a short time after another.

Birth rate of Twins SVG

On average, twins account for about 2% of all newborns, while triplets account for only 2% of all twins.

It is known that the number of births of monozygous twins is similar in different populations, while for heterozygous twins this number differs significantly. In Europe, the frequency of digitised twins is 8 per 1000 births. However, in some populations there are more. The lowest birth rate of twins is characteristic of Mongoloid populations, especially in Japan. The highest percentage of twins born in the Brazilian city of Candido Godoy, which is called the “World Capital of Twins”.

It’s believed that multiplication is genetically conditioned. However, this is only true for digitally twins. Factors affecting the frequency of birth of twins are currently poorly understood. There is evidence that the probability of birth of digitally twins increases with the age of the mother, as well as the serial number of births. The influence of the mother’s age is probably explained by an increase in the level of gonadotropin, which leads to an increase in polyovulation. There is also evidence of a decline in the frequency of births of twins in almost all industrialized countries. With the invention of ECO increased the percentage of births of twins – both digitally (as mothers are planted at once several zygotes) and monozygous (the reason is not clear, perhaps, the division is facilitated by laboratory conditions).