Free Turtle SVG Files

Turtles SVG are chord animals of the chord type, reptile class, and turtle squad. These animals have existed on planet Earth for over 220 million years.

The Latin name of the turtle was given to it by the word “testa”, meaning “brick”, “tile” or “clay vessel”. The Russian analogue comes from the Praslavonic word čerpaxa, which in turn comes from the changed ancient Slavonic word “čerp”, “shard”.

The Turtle SVG – description

The tortoise shell.

A characteristic feature of turtles is the presence of the shell, which is designed to protect the animal from natural enemies. The tortoise shell consists of a dorsal (carapax) and abdominal (platinum) part. The strength of this protective cover is such that it can easily withstand the load, exceeding the weight of the turtle in 200 times. The carapax consists of two parts: an inner armor made of bone plates and an outer armor made of hornbills. In some species of turtles, the bone plates are covered with dense leather. Plastron was formed due to the congested and ossified breast, collarbone and abdominal ribs.

Depending on the species, the size and weight of the turtle vary considerably. Among these animals there are giants weighing more than 900 kg with the size of a carapax of 2.5 and more meters, but there are small turtles, whose body weight does not exceed 125 grams, and the length of the shell is only 9.7-10 cm.

The Turtle SVG head and eyes.

The turtle head has a streamlined shape and average size, which allows you to quickly hide it inside a safe shelter. However, there are species with large heads that do not fit well or do not fit into the shell at all. Some members of the genus have a muzzle tip similar to a kind of “trunk”, ending in nostrils.

Because of the way of life on land, turtles look into the ground. At water representatives of a detachment they settle down closer to a top and are directed forward and upwards. Most turtles have short necks, but in some species it may be comparable to the length of the carapax.

Do Turtle SVG have teeth? How many teeth does a turtle have?

Turtles use a hard and powerful beak to bite and shred food, the surface of which is covered with rough bulges that replace the teeth. Depending on the type of food they can be as sharp as a razor (predators) or with toothed edges (herbivores). Ancient turtles, which lived 200 million years ago, had real teeth, unlike modern turtles. The turtle’s tongue is short and serves only for swallowing, not for grabbing food, so it does not stick out.

Limbs and tails of Turtles SVG.

The turtle has a total of 4 legs. The structure and function of the limbs depend on the way of life of the animal. Species that live on land have flattened front extremities adapted to digging and powerful hind legs. Freshwater turtles are characterized by leathery membranes between the toes on all four toes that facilitate swimming. In sea turtles, the limbs have evolved into a kind of fins, and the size of the front ones is much larger than the rear ones.