Free Turkey SVG Files

Turkey SVG (Latin Meleagris gallopavo) is a large bird from a group of chickens, pheasant family, turkeys. The name of the male is turkey, the name of the chicks is turkey.

Turkey SVG – description and characteristic

The turkeys have a streamlined body with long, powerful legs that allow them to run at speeds of up to 50 km/h. A small head with a sturdy medium size beak is attached to a rather long neck. A characteristic feature of turkeys is the partial or total absence of feathers on the head and neck. The rest of the body is covered with large flywheels, steering wheel feathers and small covering feathers. In total there are about 6000 of them. The turkey weighs 11 – 13 kg, and the weight of the female turkey does not exceed 5.5 – 6 kg. Small turkey wings allow birds to fly up to 150 m. The size of a turkey, of course, is larger than that of a turkey: the length of a male is 100-110 cm, the length of a female is 85 cm.

In wildlife conditions, the life expectancy of birds does not exceed 3 years, and some individuals live in captivity for up to 12 years.

Ordinary Turkey SVG – description and appearance.

The neck of a Turkey SVG is covered with pimples and has the ability to inflate, and the wrinkled skin of the head, colored, as well as the neck, in bluish color, forms a kind of red growth. It is like a trunk hanging over the beak of a turkey. The turkey’s leathery folds are less pronounced and do not swell, and instead of a trunk, they have a leathery horn in the beak area. Unoperated skin areas are dull red. The fountain cover of the male turkeys is black, with a subtle green or bronze hue, and the characteristic “beard” of thin, long feathers grows on the chest. In the tail fins, the light and dark edging is usually clearly visible. The female turkey has a lighter coloration.