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Truth SVG is a philosophical and epistemological characteristic of the way he thinks about his subject. A thought is called true (or true) if it corresponds to the subject.

In philosophy

The most known definition of truth has been stated by Aristotle and formulated by Isaac Israel; from Ibn Sin it has been apprehended by Thomas Aquinas and all scholastic philosophy. This definition states that the truth is the intentional consent of the intellect with the real thing or correspondence to it (Latin conformitas seu adaequatio intentionalis intellectus cum re). In particular, in the Sum of Theology Thomas writes: “the truth is the consistency of mind and thing” (veritas consistit in adaequatione intellectus et rei).

In general philosophy, social-humanitarian and natural sciences, technical sciences, the truth means that the provisions of the truth correspond to a certain criterion of verifiability: theoretical, empirical.

In philosophy, the concept of truth coincides with the complex of basic concepts that allow to distinguish reliable and unreliable knowledge by the degree of its principal possibility to agree with reality, by its logical inconsistency/unconsistency, by the degree of its conformity to a priori principles.

Truth SVG In Marxism.

Marxism does not deny the existence of eternal or absolute truth as the dynamic integrity of being in its entirety, and in its Gnoseology it considers the process of comprehending absolute truth in the context of the dialectical interrelation of absolute and relative truth. Vladimir I. Lenin in his work “Materialism and Empiriocriticism” asserted that “human thinking by its nature is capable of giving and gives us the absolute truth, which consists of the sum of relative truths. Each step in the development of science adds new grains to this sum of absolute truth, but the limits of the truth of each scientific statement are relative, being both expandable and narrowed by the further growth of knowledge” (PSS, T. 18, p. 137). Lenin characterized truth as a supraclassic and nadymoric content of our ideas.

Truth SVG In logic

In logic, for which the value of truthfulness of judgments and inferences is one of the predominant subjects of study, the criterion of truth is logical correctness: the relative completeness of formal axiomatic systems and the absolute absence of contradictions in them.

Truth SVG In science

In the branches of science (physics, chemistry, history, sociology, etc.), the category of truth has a dual characteristics. On the one hand, the truth is in the traditional understanding of the whole-science cognition, and on the other hand, it is an independent value, providing a fundamental opportunity of scientific knowledge to coincide with objective reality, at least to be a complex of basic solutions to theoretical and practical problems.