Free Tropical SVG Files

Tropics SVG are climatic zones of the Earth. Since the angle of 23°26′14″ is the angle of inclination of the Earth’s axis of rotation, in the strict geographical understanding of the tropics are located between the tropic of Capricorn (Southern tropic) and the tropic of Cancer (Northern tropic) – the main parallels, located at 23°26′14″ (or 23,43722 °) to the south and north of the equator and determining the greatest latitude at which the Sun at noon can rise to zenith. In the Cancer Tropics and the Capricorn Tropics, the Sun is only at the zenith once a year: on summer solstice and winter solstice, respectively. At all intermediate latitudes, the Sun is at noon twice a year, once a year on its journey northwards and a second time southwards.

Tropical belts of the Earth can also be called tropics.

Tropical regions are characterized by a hot climate.