Free Trojans SVG Files

The Trojans SVG are residents of the ancient city of Troy.

Troy is an ancient fortress city in Asia Minor on the peninsula of Troyada near the Aegean Sea, on the bank of a lagoon at the entrance to Dardanelles.

The Trojan War is sung in the poem “The Iliad”, the author of which is considered Homer. The events described by Homer, in the current view of historians belong to the Cretan-Mycenaean era. The people who inhabited Troy are called Teutonic in ancient Greek sources.

The ruins of Troy, discovered in the late 1860s by Henry Schliemann during the excavations of the Hissarlik Hill (7 km from the present-day coast), have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998. Gissarlik is located in the modern Turkish province of Chanakkale.

Presumably Ilion is named in the Hittite springs of Vilus (Hittite URUWi-lu-ša). The nearest settlements to Troy were called Dardania and Skamandr in ancient times.