Free Travel SVG Files

Travel SVG – movement on any territory or water area with the purpose of their studying, and also with the general educational, cognitive, sports and other purposes.

Until the XIX century, travel was one of the main sources of information about these or those countries (their nature, population, history, economy), the general nature and shape of the Earth’s surface.

Descriptions of the travels of Herodotus and the scientists who accompanied Alexander the Great in his travels have been preserved from ancient times. A classic example of the journey of the Middle Ages – the wanderings of Marco Poloi Afanasy Nikitin. Travel with religious purposes (for worship of shrines, visits to holy places) in the Middle Ages was called “pilgrimage”; Russian pilgrims, including, for example, hegumen Daniel, left travel notes on their travels, called walking. The era of great geographical discoveries is characterized by many journeys that fundamentally changed the idea of the planet.

Later, the travels of D. Livingstone and G. Stanley, N. M. Przhevalsky and others were of great importance for the expansion of knowledge about the Earth; however, Przhevalsky already called his travels scientific reconnaissance, as they could only satisfy the needs of primary and general acquaintance with the peculiarities of a particular territory. Therefore, already in the XVIII-XIX centuries, as the researches became more profound, as well as the scientific goals and tasks became more concrete and specialized, the travels began to acquire the character of scientific expeditions.

Since the middle of the XX century, in connection with the rapid development of tourism, the term “travel” began to refer to any trip made to some extent independently, regardless of the tourist company. Travellers are now called people who participate in independent, often adventurous, trips (for example, T. Heyerdahl, Yuri Senkevich, I. Ganzelka, M. Zikmund, F. Konyukhov, V. Shanin). Travel with a fundamental refusal from the services of a travel company is called “backpacking”.

Numerous TV programs (“Travelers Club”), documentaries and serials (“One-storey America”) are devoted to modern Travel SVG.

The traveller is the one who makes or has made the journey.