Free Tractor SVG Files

Tractor SVG is a self-propelled (caterpillar or wheeled) machine that performs agricultural, road-building, earthmoving, transport and other works in the aggregate with trailed, mounted or stationary machines (tools). It is characterized by low speed and high traction. It is widely used in agriculture for tillage and moving of non-self-propelled machines and tools, usually equipped with removable or fixed attachments and semi-mounted equipment for agricultural, construction or industrial purposes (e.g. drilling equipment), depending on the tasks performed. For example, an industrial tractor equipped with a bulldozer blade is called a bulldozer.

The word “tractor” comes from the English track (track is the main element of the track), “trace”. English word in its turn goes back to Latin trahere, which means “pull”, “drag”.

The person who controls the tractor, depending on the type, purpose, engine power, additional equipment is called: tractor driver, engineer, mechanic-driver, operator.

In Russia, all types of tractors are allowed to be operated by persons only after training and who have received a certificate of tractor driver (tractor driver) from Gostekhnadzor.

Tractor SVG Differences from other vehicles

The need to develop high tractive power at low travel speeds results in many design features of the Tractor SVG. For example, tractors are preferably powered by diesel engines, also because they are capable of producing high torque at relatively low speeds. Tractor engines are generally designed for continuous operation at a constant speed and high load.

The tractor’s KP is usually equipped with a large number of gears in order to ensure that the engine operates in the optimum speed range under different loads and travel speeds. Tractors can also be equipped with torque converters or even electric transmissions.

The need to realize a high traction force requires the use of a suitable propulsor for the task. In most cases, tractors are designed to travel on surfaces that are not suitable for traffic and may not be designed for use on public roads. The most common wheeled tractors are those in which the drive wheels, or all wheels, have a large surface area of contact and load hooks, as well as caterpillar and half-tracked. Ballast weights are used to increase traction.

Various mounted and trailed machines as well as implements are attached to tractors. Some of them require energy supply for their work. For this purpose, the tractors are equipped with power take-off shafts as well as a hydraulic pump that creates pressure for the operation of hydraulic actuators.