Free Toad SVG Files

A Toad SVG, or a real toad, belongs to the class of amphibians, a group of tailless toads, a family of toads (Latin: Bufonidae). Families of toads and frogs are sometimes confused. There are even languages in which these amphibians are defined by the same name.

Toad SVG – description and characteristics. What is the difference between toad and frog?

Toads have a slightly flattened body with a rather large head and distinct parotid glands. The upper jaw of the wide mouth is toothless. Eyes are large with horizontally arranged pupils. Fingers of the front and hind limbs, located on the sides of the body, are connected by swimming membranes. Some people ask why a frog jumps and a toad only walks. The fact is that the hind limbs of the toads are quite short, so they are slow, not as jumping as frogs and do not swim well. But with a lightning-fast tongue movement, they catch insects flying by. Unlike toads, the frog’s skin is smooth and needs to be moisturised, so the frog spends all its time in or near the water. Skin of toads is drier, keratinized, does not require constant moisturizing and is completely covered with warts.

Poisonous glands of the toad are on her back. They release mucus that causes unpleasant burning, but does not cause much harm to people. Toad – amphibian, painted grey, brown or black with spotty tints, easily hides from enemies. The bright color of the toad indicates its poisonous nature.

Toad SVG size varies from 25 mm to 53 cm, and the weight of large individuals can be more than a kilogram. Their average life expectancy is within the range of 25-35 years, with some individuals surviving up to 40 years.