Free Titans SVG Files

Titans SVG – in the ancient Greek mythology of the deity of the second generation, children of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (earth). Their six brothers and six titanic sisters who married each other and gave birth to a new generation of gods: Prometheus, Helios, Muses, Summer and others.

Titans SVG Myths

The Titans, like the Cyclops and the Storeds, were born of a bond between Uranus and Gaia, but were thrown into the earthly depths by their father. Gaia resisted it and decided to get rid of Uranus with the help of titans.

Kronos, at the instigation of his mother, had his father’s sickle shattered and replaced him as the supreme god. Kronos and Ray have given birth to Zeus who in turn has displaced the father and has risen in the chapter of new generation of gods – Olympicians (titans, except for the Ocean have acted from the African mountain, and the gods given birth to Kronos and Ray – from the Olympus). Battle (titanomahia) between titans and Olympians lasted ten years. Then to the aid of Zeus came the Cyclops and Gecatonhayers, the titans were defeated; some of them recognized the new lord, the rest were overthrown in Tartar, and the Gecatonhayers became their guards.

Later Hera led them to rebel against Zeus, because Io gave birth to Epaphas.

According to Pavsanias, their name was first introduced by Homer, Onomacritus borrowed from him and introduced the titans as “the culprits of Dionysus’ passions”. According to these tales, the titans torn Zagrei a week after birth, for which they were thrown into Tartar, either Zeus subjected the titans to various tortures, or the titans were burnt by Zeus’ lightning, and people came out of this soot. According to Nikandru, the genus of spiders and snakes came from the blood of titans.

Titans SVG Interpretation

Titans are archaic (presumably pre-Christian) deities, embodying elements and natural disasters. The myth about titanomachia presumably reflects struggle of dogmatic gods of the Balkan substratum with new gods (Olympians) who have intruded from the north of Greek tribes.