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The tiger is a predator of the mammalian class, such as chordic, predatory, cat families, panther families, subfamilies of big cats. It got its name from the ancient Persian word tigri, which means “sharp, fast”, and from the ancient Greek word “arrow”.

The tiger is the largest and heaviest member of the cat family. Males of some tigers reach a length of 3 meters and weigh more than 300 kg. Tigers are listed in the Red Book, and hunting these animals is forbidden.

Tiger Description

The tigers have a flexible, muscular body and a round head with a convex forehead, expressive eyes and small but sensitive ears. Tigers can see well in the dark, and scientists say they can distinguish colors. Bengal and Amur tigers are the largest in their species. The size of these tigers can reach 2.5-2.9 meters in length (without taking into account the tail), and the weight of tigers of this species reaches 275-320 kg. The height of the tiger in the withers is 1.15 m. The average adult male weight is 180-250 kg.

According to official data, the record weight of the largest tiger (Bengali) was 388.7 kg.

Females are usually smaller than males in size.

The elastic white tiger mustache grows in 4-5 rows, framing the tiger face. The tiger easily spreads its prey with sharp canines up to 8 cm. long.

Special keratinized protrusions on the side of the moving tongue help to cut up the carcasses of the killed animal and also serve as a hygiene aid. Adult mammals have 30 teeth each.

There are 5 toes on the front legs of the tiger, only 4 toes on the hind legs, and claws on each toe.

The tiger’s ears are small and have a rounded shape. The pupil of the animal is round, the iris is yellow.

The southern tiger species have short and dense hair, while the northern brothers are more fluffy.

The color of the animals is dominated by the color of rust with a red or brown hue, chest and stomach is much lighter, and sometimes even white.

The tiger owes its exceptional beauty to dark brown or black stripes all over the body. The tiger’s stripes have characteristic pointed ends, sometimes bifurcate and then reconnect. Usually the animal has more than 100 stripes.

The long tail, covered with rings of strips, is always black at the end. The tiger’s stripes are as unique as the fingerprints of a human being and serve as a perfect camouflage for the beast.

The trail of the male tiger is longer and longer than that of the female. The length of the male footprint is 15-16 cm, width 13-14 cm. The length of the female tiger’s footprint reaches 14-15 cm, and the width of 11-13 cm.

The tiger’s roar is heard at a distance of almost three kilometers.