Free Tennessee SVG Files

Tennessee SVG is the state of the USA, located in the east of the country, one of the most popular among tourists. It is famous for its majestic mountains and unparalleled lakes, vast historical sites and rich cultural heritage. Major tourist destinations include the state capital of Nashville (world music center), Memphis, known as Elvis Presley’s death place, and the Gatlinberg resort center.

Tennessee SVG was formed on June 1, 1796 and became the 16th state of the United States. However, this land was inhabited 12,000 years ago by mascot and Cherokee predecessors, and Europeans first appeared much later, only in 1540. This was especially evident during the Civil War, as the state is located literally on the “equator” of the United States.

The close proximity of the state to the Gulf of Mexico makes the climate of Tennessee SVG humid and hot, that is, subtropical. Only in the mountainous areas is the continental climate preserved, without such strong humidity. It is the Gulf of Mexico that protects the state from hurricanes, but tropical cyclones happen. About fifty days a year, the sky of Tennessee is lit up with lightning flashes and thunder is heard everywhere. Sometimes tornadoes happen, most often in the west of the state.

Summers are hotter, with average temperatures of +32°C (at night it is much cooler), and winters are milder, with average temperatures ranging from -3 to -7°C. The coolest in the eastern part of the state in summer, while the coldest winters are in the mountainous areas. Sometimes snowstorms happen in winter.