Free Teacher SVG Files

Teacher SVG is now one of the most popular social professions, a teacher and a teacher. The content of the profession of a teacher is upbringing and education of the next generations (wider – students). He reports directly to the deputy director for educational work.

Teacher SVG is a specialist who imparts knowledge in a particular field, skills acquired in the process of work, and shares practical experience.

The profession of a Teacher SVG is a symbiosis of different human capabilities. People who possess it should have a broad outlook, be able to speak correctly, have the gift of persuasion and the talent of a communicator.

In today’s environment, teachers need to constantly improve their skills so that the knowledge transferred to students always remain relevant in the labor market and bring real benefit to society. Representatives of this profession bear social responsibility for the upbringing of the younger generation. It is up to them to determine how erudite, educated and brought up citizens will be in charge of the country tomorrow.

Despite some decline in the prestige of the profession in recent years, it still remains in demand. Teachers are always expected in big cities, small and medium settlements, small rural and rural settlements.

Many people ask why the teaching profession today is useful, in a period of abundance of computer programs, electronic textbooks, online and offline courses, in the era of artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

The peculiarity and value of real, rather than virtual, pedagogy lies in a personalized approach to learning. Just as there are no two people with the same level of intelligence, there are no unified teaching methods. To a greater extent, this applies to humanities disciplines, in the teaching of which universal methods do not work.

History of the Teacher SVG

Teaching and teachers have been known since the earliest times of mankind, but the most common profession has only become relatively recent.

Only a century ago, the majority of the population, even in European countries, had to solve the problems of upbringing and education mainly by means of folk (family) pedagogy, which had its own positive (which is often forgotten or even deliberately ignored by officials from education), as well as negative aspects. Individuals were hired only by a small number of well-off strata of the population (kings, nobility and clergy, etc.) or were hired for narrowly professional purposes and only when necessary (military training, craft training, etc.).

At different times and in different countries, the duty of upbringing and education has often been assigned to different people: educators, tutors and teachers. Also K. D. Ushinsky reminded the teachers of the primary priority of the task of upbringing as compared to education, pointing out that if we put it differently, we can be easily carried away by the education of knowledge and skills of a person who, due to insufficient or bad upbringing, would turn them into an evil person, and at the same time became even more dangerous to society than if he remained less educated.