Free Tampa SVG Files

Tampa SVG is cozily located on the shore of the large Tampa Bay on the Florida peninsula, the third largest city in the state. As the name of the city has appeared it is not precisely established, but there are two versions. According to one of them it is believed that the city got its name from the Indian word “tampa”, which meant “fire sticks” (so the Indians called lightning). And indeed, this natural phenomenon is found here very often during the summer storms. The second version of the name of the city is more modern. As early as 1695, you could find the Bay of Tanpa, Tanpa Bay, on maps. But the Spaniards did not understand the language of the local tribes and decided that Tanpa is the name of the area. Eventually, Tanpa changed to Tampa.

Tampa SVG is also a city with several main servers of the real international encyclopedia – Wikipedia.

The oldest district of the city is called Ibor City, once there lived a large Latin American diaspora. The area was also famous for the fact that cigar factories were concentrated here. But as time went by, Ibor City was getting old and falling apart until one day it was a complete fiasco. It was only recently that Ibor City began to rise again from the ashes. New, modern houses and roads were built, schools and public institutions were built. But from the old Ibor City here remained a wonderful museum of cigars, where you can trace the history and the whole process of creating the best cigars in Florida.

Here you can take a ride on very old trams, which walked the streets of the city 50 years ago.

There is also a zoo in Tampa, where about two thousand animals live. There are pens where birds live in their natural habitat, as well as places where visitors can feed their own animals and even pet them. Reptile and terrarium exhibitions are especially popular. 

Adventure Island

The Adventure Island Water Entertainment Complex is no less popular in Tampa SVG. On the territory of 25 acres there are all kinds of water slides and attractions, and for lovers of thrills and adrenaline there are several speed slides – 25 meters of almost free fall called “Water Typhoon” or 6-storey dashingly twisted descent “Water Makasin”. For children there is a real children’s paradise of entertainment and permissiveness called “Spatter Attack”. This complex has simply uncountable quantity of every possible carousel, swings, waterslides and other not less fascinating attractions.

Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is particularly popular with tourists and residents. Here you can easily see everything that can be seen underwater only by divers and divers. The entire aquarium is divided into 4 zones, each of which represents its part of the aquatic life of the entire Florida coast. In addition to small fish here you can see sharks, rays, turtles, jellyfish.