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Syringa SVG – flowering shrubs, belongs to the flower department, dicotyledon class, clear-colored order, olive family, the genus of lilacs.

There are two variants of the Latin name of the plant lilacs. According to the first name comes from the Greek word “syrinx”, which translates as a pipe, which is similar to the flowers of the plant. Other researchers suggest that the shrub was named after the nymph Siringa of ancient Greek mythology. In ancient times, the Slavs called this plant “chenille”, which is probably due to the characteristic color of its inflorescences.

Syringa SVG – description

In most cases, lilacs are shrubs with many sprawling or sprawling trunks up to 5-7 meters high, and less often have the shape of a tree.

The Syringa SVG bush is abundantly covered with foliage, which is located on the branches supprosively and stays on them until late autumn. Depending on the type of lilac leaf plates are simple with a flat edge, ovate, oval or elongated shape with a pointed nose, as well as pinnate and dissected. Lilac leaves are light or dark green and can be up to 12 cm long.

Funnel-shaped lilac flowers are quite small with four petals. They form inflorescences of a cartilaginous or broom-shaped shape. The number of flowers on one lilac bush during flowering can reach 18,000. Lilac can be pink and purple, white and purple, blue and purple. For most lilacs, a different colouring is added to the basic monochrome colouring. The aroma of lilac is very delicate, thin and soothing.

Long Syringa SVG fruits are a two-leaf box containing several seeds with wings.

Syringa SVG varieties are a classification.

In the course of a century and a half of breeding, about 2300 hybrid lilac varieties have been developed. The criteria for their differences are the shape, size and color of lilac flowers, the timing of flowering of the bushes, as well as their height and appearance.

Syringa SVG varieties with simple and terry flowers are distinguished by the shape of the flowers.

The color (color of petals) differs between lilacs white, purple, bluish, lilac, pink (pink), magenta, purple, complex.