Free Swirl SVG Files

Whirlpool SVG – circular motion in the surface layer of water that develops in separate sections of reservoirs or channel flows as a result of the confluence of two currents, the flow of the current of bank protrusions, the sharp expansion of the channel.

Water movement in whirlpools can reach very high velocities. Horizontal dimensions vary from a few centimetres to several kilometers (in the open ocean).

A large whirlpool can be seen on a river, sea or ocean. It appears when the water flow begins to move in a circle at different speeds. There is a collision at the bottom of the river or in the sea there is a pit of deep dimensions, because of which there is turbulence, and the water is twisted. The current collides with some solid obstacle (bank projection, bridge supports, etc.). When one current meets not with a solid barrier, but with the same size counterflow or with water currents formed during tides and tides, the whirlpools turn out to be quite large (mainly they appear in narrow channels that separate the islands from each other or from the mainland).