Free Superhero SVG Files

Superhero SVG is a character endowed with extraordinary physical abilities (“superpowers”), which he directs to perform deeds in the name of the common good. After the debut of a prototypical superhero named Superman in 1938, the idea of a superhero – from short, episodic adventure stories to perennial and serial sagas – became dominant for American comics, of which it later spread to other media. The word “superhero” itself dates back at least to 1917.

According to most definitions, characters do not necessarily have to have superhuman strength to be called superheroes, although in the latter case, the term “masked hero” is also used to refer to characters who do not have superpowers, but otherwise meet the concepts of superheroes.

Superhero SVG predecessors

In mythologies of many ancient civilizations there are pantheons of goddesses and goddesses with superhuman forces, and also demigods like Heracles and such heroes as Gilgamesh and Perseus. Later heroes of folklore, such as Robin Hood and protagonists of the Victorian literature of XIX century, such as the disguised adventurer Scarlet Pervotsvet represented that became such customs of Superheroes SVG, as secret persons. Cheap adventure detective novels, radio programs and other popular fiction late XIX – early XX century represented the mysterious dashing characters with distinctive costumes, secret personalities, unusual abilities and altruistic missions. Among them are Zorro, Green Hornet, Scarecrow Romney March and Jack Springs on the Five, the latter of which first appeared as an urban legend. Similarly, the science-fiction hero John Carter from Mars, with futuristic weapons and devices; Tarzan, with a high degree of athleticism and strength and the ability to communicate with animals; and biologically altered Hugo Danner from the novel “Gladiator” were the heroes with unusual abilities, fighting sometimes unrealistic enemies.

The most direct predecessors were crime-fighters from pulp magazines like Dock Savage, the unusually hypnotic Shadow and Spider, and characters from stories in pictures like Hugo Hercules, Popeye and Phantom. The first fighter against masked crime, created for comics, was the Hour of the artist George Brenner, who made his debut in Funny Pages Volume 1 #6 (November 1936) by Centaur Publications. In terms of super-power characters, many historians consider the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) to be the moment when the archetype of comics began.