Free Superbowl SVG Files

Super Bowl SVG is the name of the National Football League (NFL) United States final game in American football. The game and the accompanying celebration for many years Super Bowl Sunday (Superbowl Sunday) have de facto become a national holiday in the United States.

The first game was played on January 15, 1967 as part of the AFC-NFC (American Football Conference – National Football Conference) championship. The winner of the NFL championship and the champion of the young competitive American Football League (AFL) met there for the title of world champion of professional American football. After the final merger of the two leagues in 1970, Superbowl became a game for the title of NFL champion. Since then, the game has been played annually on Sunday immediately after the end of the playoff stage. Initially it was mid-January, then the game was held in the second half of January, and now on the first Sunday of February.

Superbowl SVG is usually the most popular TV event of the year in the U.S., forcing many companies to spend millions of dollars on advertising during the match. This led to the fact that the beginning of the game shifted later and later to capture the Sunday evening prime time on the east coast of the United States. The game ended before sunset last time in January 1977, it was Superbowl XI.

Many popular singers and musicians performed before the game started and during the ceremonies between the second and third quarters. Playday is the second largest meal after Thanksgiving. As a rule, the U.S. anthem is sung before each match.

The Superbowl SVG games are indicated by a number written in Roman numerals, not the year in which it was played. The season in the NFL lasts for two calendar years, so the use of the year number causes some inconvenience. For example, Tampa Bay Bacchanirs is the winner of the Superbowl XXXVII – champion of the NFL season in 2002, although the game for the title of champion was held in January 2003.