Free Sunflower SVG Files

Asteraceae is a genus of plants of the Asteraceae family.

The most famous species are annual Sunflower SVG and tuber-bearing sunflower.

Biological description

Sunflowers SVG are characterized by specific polymorphism. Depending on the species, these are herbs, semi-shrubs and shrubs. Most of them are perennials.

A high stem covered with supple or alternating hard leaves is characteristics.

The inflorescence is a basket. The wrapper consists of 2 or many rows of leaves; the general flower bed is flat, or more or less convex, covered with flowers, folded along the film, sometimes quite rigid; the marginal flowers are sexless, uvulae, located in the 1st row; the central flowers are obobolevye tubular.

Fruit is an elongated tetrahedral or laterally compressed seed, carrying 2-4 dumping points, or 2 rather large, dry-skinned scales.