Free Summer SVG Files

Summer SVG is one of the four seasons, between spring and autumn, with the highest ambient temperature.

It consists of three months: in the Northern Hemisphere – June, July and August, in South – December, January and February.

Summer SVG is a wonderful time, which is loved and awaited by everyone, both children and adults. It is a wonderful time of sunny and warm days, trips to the sea by the whole family or a friendly company, it is the ripening of plants, the luxury and aroma of beautiful flowers, warm evenings, walks in the park. This is the time when you are madly delighted by the rain, dancing under it, and then admiring the beautiful rainbow that appears right above your head. This is the singing of birds from early morning until late at night.

Climate Summer SVG

In different geographical zones due to the non-uniformity of the Sun’s illumination of the Earth’s surface, the summer season differs from the winter season to a different extent. With increasing latitude, the difference in the duration of daylight hours in summer and winter increases, reaching a maximum at the poles, where the Sun does not set over the horizon in summer for 6 months.

Hydrometeorological services believe that the summer period begins with the transition of the average daily air temperature through +15 degrees Celsius towards the increase and ends with the transition of the same mark towards decrease. Also a significant sign of summer is the cessation of night frosts, and the end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the return of permanent night frosts below zero.