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Cane and beet Sugar SVG (rafinade) is an important foodstuff. Ordinary sugar refers to carbohydrates. Starch also belongs to carbohydrates, but its absorption by the body is relatively slow. Sugar, on the other hand, is quickly broken down in the digestive tract into glucose and fructose, which then enter the bloodstream.

Glucose provides more than half of the body’s energy expenditure. The normal concentration of glucose in the blood is maintained at 80-120 milligrams of sugar in 100 milliliters (0.08~0.12%). Glucose has the ability to maintain the liver’s barrier function against toxic substances by participating in the formation of so-called paired glucuronic acids in the liver. That’s why taking sugar inside or introducing glucose into a vein is recommended for some liver diseases, poisonings.

Sugar is the same as low-molecular carbohydrates (mono- and oligosaccharides). Some of them have a sweet taste.

Ancient times and the Middle Ages

In Europe, sugar was still known to the Romans. Brown sugar particles were made of sugar cane juice and imported to Europe from India. Egypt, a province of the Roman Empire, was an intermediary in trade with India. Later, sugar cane appeared in Sicily and Southern Spain, but with the fall of the Roman Empire, this tradition was lost.

Brown Sugar SVG

Brown Sugar SVG is cane unrefined sugar.

Brown Sugar SVG consists of sugar crystals covered with cane molasses with natural flavor and color. Produced by boiling sugar syrup by special technology. There are many varieties of brown sugar, which differ mainly in the amount of molasses molasses contained. Dark cane sugar has a more intense colour and a stronger molasses flavour than light sugar. Sometimes brown sugar is called “tea” or “coffee” sugar. Brown sugar producers position themselves as an elite and expensive, ecologically friendly gourmet product. While nutritionists note that raw sugar can contain unwanted impurities and has a high calorie content.

Visually brown sugar is also crushed iron (an intermediate product in sugar production), produced from sugar beet or cane. It has a sweet taste and a strong aroma of molasses and molasses.