Free Student SVG Files

Student SVG (from Latin studens “working hard, working hard”) is a student of higher education, in some countries and secondary schools. In ancient Rome and in the Middle Ages students were called any persons engaged in the process of knowledge. With the foundation of universities in the XII century, the term began to be used to refer to students and their teachers; after the introduction of academic titles for teachers (master, professor, etc.) – only students.

Students SVG of the full-time department usually attend higher education institutions, where they listen to lectures, participate in seminars, after which they pass exams and credits, do coursework and participate in practical training in their specialty, and after the end of the corresponding level of education they do their diploma work. An integral part of the student life in all countries and times is the accompanying feasible self-knowledge and self-determination in personal and public life, including through participation in amateur activities, work placements, social and political life.

Distance learning and evening studies are governed by slightly different rules: students attend a shorter course of lectures, and distance learning students often come to the school only to take exams.

Student SVG Spatial mobility

Already in the Middle Ages, students often left their families in order to find a better school or even a certain teacher, in other cases the aim was to find business and personal connections and, thus, it was easier to find a job in a more attractive place (scientific, cultural, professional, religious, etc.). In the 19th century, the fashion for studying in capitals and abroad appeared and intensified, and often in several universities. In the XX century, with the advent of modern means of transport and the media, student mobility and the accompanying movement to places of study became even more widespread.

According to the degree of remoteness of the student from the place of permanent residence of his family, there are distinguished: non-resident students who have moved for the purpose of obtaining education within one country, and international students going abroad to study. In some countries, students moving outside their home region are prevented by command and control techniques. For example, in the U.S. and Canada, students from other counties have to pay higher fees than those charged by their county.