Free Street SVG Files

Street SVG (in abbreviated form – ul., ul.) – a paved road inside the settlement (not all), one of the main elements of urban infrastructure.

Urban buildings (houses) are numbered and attached to this or that street. Therefore, there is an even and odd side of the street. The names of the street are given in honor of famous people, toponyms or holidays. A rectangular section of a settlement on all four sides of the street is called a block. If one side of the house goes out into the street, the other side, facing the inside of the block, goes out into the yard. The streets are used by public transport. Pedestrian crossing of the streets implies a pedestrian crossing, which is marked with a zebra and regulated by traffic lights. The longitudinal part of the street for pedestrians is called the sidewalk, which is separated from the carriageway by a curb. There is also street lighting for nighttime traffic. In addition to street traffic, there may be other activities, such as street trading.

Street SVG History

The first streets appeared together with the first settlements in the Neolithic Age (Yarmuk culture). The most famous street in Jerusalem, on which Jesus Christ walked to the place of his execution, was Via Dolorosa.

In 1807, street lighting based on gas lanterns appeared in London. In 1832 the streets of Paris were covered with asphalt. In 1914, in Cleveland, the first traffic light with red and green light appeared.

Street SVG classification

Avenue is a foreign name for a number of streets (cf. Madison Avenue in New York).

Alley – a green street (cf. Sunny Alley in Berlin).

Boulevard – a green street with the possibility of hiking and benches for recreation (cf. Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles).

Line – the name of the streets in some cities of Russia, Latvia, Finland and Ukraine.

Embankment – a street, one side of which overlooks a water body (cf. Zattere Embankment in Venice).

Route – the type of road, as a rule, goes out or historically went beyond the city limits.

Dead end – a street that does not have a through passage.

Highway – a main street that leads outside the settlement.

Lane (driveway) – a small street connecting two other streets.

Prospekt – the central main street