Free Strawberries SVG Files

Strawberries SVG – the name of plants and berries of green strawberries (lat. Fragaria viridis) and nutmeg strawberries (lat. Fragaria moschata), which belong to the department of flowering, dicotyledon class, the order of roses, the family of pink strawberries, genus of strawberries. Many people call strawberries pineapple strawberries (lat. Fragaria ananassa), which have large fruits, although this is not scientifically correct.

The modern name of strawberries was given to it by the Old Russian word “strawberry”, which meant a plant with fruits located near the ground.  The botanical definition of strawberries comes from the Latin “fragaris”, meaning “fragrant”. The name “strawberry” comes from the Old Russian word “club”, which means “spherical”, because in Russia strawberry was called green strawberry, which has a spherical shape. Only in the 18th century did strawberries begin to be called not green strawberries, but nutmeg strawberries, which were common in European countries. Hence the name “European strawberry” or “Spanish strawberry”, “musk strawberry”.

Strawberries SVG – description

Straightened strawberry petioles reach a height of 5-40 cm. Strawberry leaves are large, green, triple-shaped, oval or egg-shaped.

Developed, uricular roots are located at a depth of 20-25 cm. The inflorescence of strawberries is a small or multicoloured shield, the upper pedicels are much shorter than the lower ones, and all flowers are placed in one plane. Strawberry flowers are hollow, with white, yellow and even pink petals, insect-pollinated, located on elongated peduncles.

Complex strawberry fruits are false berries (multicolored nuts) covered with fine, brown seeds.

Strawberry SVG species – names, descriptions.

strawberry green (lat. Fragaria viridis), it is also a meadow strawberry, steppe strawberry, forest strawberry, hilly strawberry. Wild species is distinguished by thin petioles 5-20 cm long and oval leaves densely pubescent from below. Dense, sweet strawberries weighing 1-2 grams have a rounded shape, cherry color and excellent taste. It is common in the middle zone of Russia, Crimea and Western Europe.

strawberries of Spaniard or Spank (lat. Fragaria moschata), it is also nutmeg strawberry (musk, high), strawberry garden (real, high, European), Russian strawberry. It is found in the wild and is successfully cultivated. The plant is distinguished by stems up to 40 cm high. Strawberry fruits of oval or spherical shape weighing up to 5 grams have a pronounced musk, honey or wine flavor. Garden strawberries grow throughout Russia and in most European countries, except for the southern and northern regions. Two varieties – “Shpanskaya” and “Milanskaya”, as well as several hybrids of pineapple strawberries have given life to them.