Free Stethoscope SVG Files

Stethoscope SVG is a medical diagnostic device for auscultation (listening) of sounds coming from the heart, vessels, lungs, bronchi, intestines and other organs. The stethoscope is also used to listen to Korotkoff’s tones when measuring blood pressure and to check the correct location of the stomach tube during enteral feeding or gastric lavage.

The working detail of the Stethoscope SVG is the head, which is applied to the patient’s body surface and captures the sounds of internal organs. The flexible sound pathway directs the sound to the researcher’s ear canal.

Special non-medical (technical) stethoscopes are used to diagnose the operation of mechanisms: transmission, crank mechanism, bearings, bushings, valves and other parts and assemblies. The sensitive element of such stethoscope is a thin metal rod applied to the diagnosed mechanism.

Stethoscope SVG History

The stethoscope was invented in 1816 by the founder of the diagnostic method of auscultation, Renée Laennecke, a French doctor, founder of scientific diagnostics (main work: “De l’auscultation médiate”, 1819). Not wanting to put his ear right to the chest of the patient in whom he was listening to his heart, Laenneck used curled sheets of paper and found that he had not heard so badly, and even better than usual. The stethoscope has undergone a number of changes, its design has been improved, but the principle and physics of the stethoscope have remained the same.

The name Fonendoscope was first proposed in 1894 by Professor A. Bianchi of the University of Parma and Professor of Physics of the Technical Institute of Galileo E. Buzzie (1854-1921) for the invented stethoscope of the original design.