Free Spruce SVG Files

Spruce SVG is an evergreen coniferous tree, a symbol of the New Year. It refers to the pine order, the pine family, the family of spruce. The height of the spruce can reach 50 meters, and the life expectancy of the tree can be 600 years, although usually the tree lives up to 250-300 years.

Spruce SVG – description

During the first 15 years of its growth, the young tree’s root system has a core structure, but then it develops as a superficial one, as the main root dies as it grows up. In the first years of its life, the spruce grows upwards and practically does not give side branches. The straight trunk of the Spruce SVG has a round shape and a gray bark, stratified into thin plates. The wood is sprucey, resinous and homogeneous, white with a light golden hue.

The pyramidal or conical crown of the spruce is formed by muddy branches that grow almost perpendicular to the trunk. Short spruce needles are spirally arranged on the branches and have a square or flat shape. The colour of the needles is usually green, cyan, yellowish or grey. The needles remain viable for 6 years and the fallen needles are renewed annually. Some insects are not indifferent to spruce needles (e.g. monashenk butterflies) and eat so much needles that damaged spruce branches form brush shoots – very short and hard needles that look like brushes.

Spruce SVG cones have slightly pointed, slightly elongated cylindrical shape. They can reach a length of 15 cm and have a diameter of at least 4 cm. The spruce cone is an axis, and around it grows a lot of covering scales, in the sinuses of which there are seed scales. At the top of the seed scales are formed by 2 seeds, endowed with a false wing. Maturation of spruce seeds takes place in October, after which the seeds are spread by the wind and remain germinating for 8-10 years.